Sweet Potato and Black Rice Salad
Sweet Potato and Black Rice Salad is a colorful salad full of flavors and textures. Dominated by roasted sweet potatoes and black rice, it has kale leaves , apples and walnuts with a honey mustard dressing.
Recipe type: Salad
Cuisine: American
  • Black Rice 2 cup
  • Walnuts ½ cup
  • Apples 1 chopped
  • Roasted Sweet potato 2 cups cut into cubes
  • Pomegranate ⅓ cup
  • Kale leaves 2 to 3 cups chopped
  • Honey 2 tbsp
  • Vinegar/ lemon juice ¼ cup
  • Olive Oil ½ cup
  • Mustard sauce 1½ tsp
  1. For the honey mustard dressing:
  2. Mix olive oil, vinegar or lemon juice, honey, mustard sauce and keep aside
  3. Blanch the kale leaves and keep aside. This is to make them soft
  4. Roast the sweet potato cubes in 180 degrees with salt and black pepper for 15 mins
  5. Cook the black rice and keep aside
  6. In a bowl, add kale leaves, walnuts, roasted sweet potato cubes, Black Rice, pomegranate, salt.
  7. Pour the dressing over .
  8. Mix and serve
Recipe by Indrani's Kitchen Flavours at https://indraniskitchenflavours.com/2018/09/sweet-potato-and-black-rice-salad-2/