Black Rice Kheer/ Black Rice Pudding/ Chak Hao Kheer
Black Rice kheer is unique in away that it is made with Black Rice. Made just like the quientessential Kheer, Black rice gives out a beautiful purplish hue while making it a visually stunning sight. The rice is slightly thicker then brown or white rice and makes for a chewy texture.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
  • Black Rice Half Cup
  • Milk 500 gms
  • Sugar half cup or more depending on taste
  • cardamon powder - ¼ tsp or 2 cardamons crushed
  1. Cook the black rice in a pressure cooker like one cooks rice.
  2. This is required due to the coarse texture of the rice which will otherwise take a long time to cook in milk
  3. In another pan, pour the milk and let it simmer until reduced to half
  4. Once the rice is cooked pour it in the pan with milk along with water if any remaining
  5. Keep cooking on low flame.
  6. Keep stirring , otherwise the Kheer will get stuck to the bottom
  7. Once you feel the rice is cooked and has absorbed the milk, add the sugar and mix well
  8. Serve chilled
Recipe by Indrani's Kitchen Flavours at