No Yeast Foccacia

No Yeast Focaccia

Foccacia is an Italian oven baked bread , very loosely relatable to the quintessential pizza in the familiarity curve. In technique, while the ingredient list of of both these breads are almost same, it’s the kneading process that defines a focaccia of its identity. But despite the similarities of the dough , both of them are very different. Focaccia has a bread like texture due to a large amount of yeast giving it a higher rise, and is often seasoned with olives, oils , herbs, and veggies. Foccacia is primarily a no-knead snack bread, hence absolutely easy in baking with no proofing of the dough required .

Just a few basic ingredients mixed together that combines with yeast to give that texture. Which also means that yeast is the primary element in bread making. Yeast is what gives bread its fluffy texture.

But what would you do if you don’t have yeast in stock? Would you be able to still bake a focaccia with whatever available stock of ingredients in your kitchen ?The answer is a big resounding YES.  My focaccia  recipe is a No- yeast focaccia,  which is extremely easy and a quick fix for not just taming your cravings but is a great option during hurried times or emergency like the situation of lockdown that we are facing today with the Covid-19  pandemic.

This no-yeast focaccia   to my knowledge will take away all of your bread baking fears that involves yeast and the long proofing and kneading process required  . All you need is get the ingredients together, make a dough and bake in an oven  with no fancy kitchen equipments needed as well. The only trick is to use the best olive oil possible that you love and a mix of Italian herbs. Rosemary and thyme is what I love but you could use whatever you have at home, even dried mixed herbs will do. Please do not make the mistake of replacing the olive oil or avoiding the herbs, since you will really need these to enhance the flavor of the bread and give you that perfect taste.The olive oil and the mixed herbs is what enhances the flavor of the bread and gives you that authentic taste of a focaccia. With no yeast, we need to strike a great balance of the flavors of the ingredients to arrive at a perfect focaccia.

The proportion in my focaccia is for a small size,however if you wish for a larger sized focaccia, go ahead and double the quantity of the ingredients.

Things to keep in mind for a great No Yeast Foccacia

  •  Need to use a very good  olive oil
  •  A mix of herbs is essential like rosemary,thyme or a mix of dried herbs is also fine
  •  Baking powder, Yogurt and ENO (fruit salt- flavorless variant that comes blue color packaging) comes together as the replacement for the leavening element of Yeast. 


In short, this probably is one of the most easiest of fancy  breads that one can make at home. No yeast , no proofing, no raising nor kneading required, just fold in all the ingredient and bake.

Quick and easy, the trick is to create an effect of the yeast through ingredients your kitchen. Baking powder, Yogurt and Fruit Salt (ENO) does the trick of acting as the rising agent here.  Here , these three ingredients come together to recreate that effect of yeast an give you a beautiful focaccia, which is great  for a no- yeast solution of sorts.  Of course it is not exactly the same texture like a   yeast based focaccia, but a great option if you do not have yeast at home , or even if you are running short of breads at home and need a quick fix solution or do not like the idea of yeast in your food


I have made this no yeast version in different variations; at times with all purpose flour(Maida) and sometimes with a combination of wholewheat(Atta) and all purpose flour.However as much as I wanted to keep it healthy, I realized that making with only whole wheat flour(Atta) leaves you with an aftertaste of the flour. A combination of both whole wheat and all-purpose flour or only all-purpose flour yeilds the best result is my belief. Hence I would recommend going ahead with just all-purpose flour (Maida) in your first attempt to get the taste and flavor right and to strike a perfect balance of taste and flavor

So go ahead , make this quick bread and pat yourself on your back ,for elevating your  bread baking skills to the level of a prolific chef.


If you do happen to make this no-yeast foccacia and like the taste, do put up a picture or a comment on your social media feed and tag me @indraniskitchenflavours on Facebook and Instagram

No Yeast Focaccia
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Foccacia is an italian bread which is mostly enjoyed as a snack bread. This no yeast focaccia is an absolutely easy quick fix recipe which does not have yeast nor requires any proofing or kneading
Recipe type: Breads
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 4
  • Cup size 250ml
  • 125 gms all purpose flour
  • ¼th tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil and 1 tbsp for pouring on top
  • ½ cup Yogurt (not very thick)
  • 1 tsp Eno ( flavorless, not the lemon flavor)
  • ½ tbsp milk powder
  • ⅛th tsp baking powder
  • Herbs of your choice (rosemary and thyme)
  • Italian seasoning ½ tsp
  • Veggies of your choice(olives, bell peppers, onions,corn )
  1. Preheat the oven under 180 degrees for 10 mins
  2. In a bowl, add the flour,baking powder, salt, little italian seasonings or herbs ,milk powder .
  3. Mix and make a well in the centre and add Eno. Pour the yogurt above the Eno
  4. Once the yogurt starts bubbling add the olive oil
  5. Mix and and form into a dough.No need to knead. If it is sticky add little olive oil and get the dough together.
  6. Grease a square aluminium baking tray with oil and transfer the dough and arrange it to fill the tray.
  7. Make indentions in the dough with your fingers and drop olive oil into these spots. This will ensure that the dough absorbs the oil into it. There needs to be enough olive oil in a foccacia.
  8. Add herbs ,black olives and veggies on top and bake for around 30 to 35 minutes
  9. If you wish to add cheese, you can take out and add grated cheese and put back the tray in the oven for about 5 minutes or until the cheese melts.
  10. Enjoy the foccacia on its own or as a side serving with a bowl of pasta .
This is a small sized foccacia recipe. You can double the quantity of ingredients for a larger focaccia.




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