Eggless Beetroot brownie

Wholewheat Beetroot Brownies with Jaggery (Eggless) / Beetroot Brownies with Jaggery/

Fudgy and moist with chunks of gooey dark chocolate in the centre, this decadent eggless wholewheat beetroot brownie is a fabulous revelation. Egg free , refined flour free and sugar free, its way lighter then your regular brownies. Organic jaggery instead of sugar upgrades its identity to the level of a phenomenal healthy brownie while the beetroot puree adds its own benefits. I have used whole wheat flour instead of refined flour which makes this slightly dense with loads of flavor. Working with wholewheat has been such a pleasure.While few might have reservations on its taste, I think its a fantastic substitute that has such gorgeous outcomes. One bite and you can never make out if it is made of refined or wheat flour.

I do not bake with refined flour anymore nor refined sugar.Which also means, working hard on creating prolific alternatives that match up to the taste of my bakes. And this luxurious helathy beetroot brownie with a gooey centre is one of the best brownies I must say; not just in taste but in terms of working up a splendid combination of flavors as well. Also while working with wholewheat flour , I mostly use Oil and not butter since oil based cakes are anyways moist.And working with the dense texture of wholewheat flour, oil works better then butter at times.

I have made this brownie with brown sugar, raw organic honey and jaggery powder as well.But somehow I feel the combination of jaggery and beetroot works in a harmonious tandem perhaps a tad better in creating a flavor profile .With earthy tones of both beets and jaggery , they not just combine well in camouflaging any unwanted taste but also add a rich dark color to the brownie.Both jaggery and beetroot combines plays a strong effect in not just yeilding a flavorful moist brownie but also brings out a naturally deep color to the brownies while the chocolate chunks lends that rich decadence to these gooey fudgy brownies.

Hence, if you are concerned about the appearance and flavor of the brownies, then this pair is the best.Of course honey will bring in the sweetness too, but maybe not that deep intense color and the slight earthy note to the brownie.Honey to my mind will better suit a regular walnut brownie perhaps.

I often use organic jaggery in specific cakes as a substitute for sugar ,where the flavor profile is accentuated by the use of jaggery .Not only it is healthy , but can open up to a larger target audience of foodies who are averse to sugar for health reasons.The jaggery really does not add any flavor to it hence it makes for a fine combination.So is the case with the beetroot puree in case one has any misgivings about its taste effecting the overall flavor of the resultant brownie.The puree does not leave any unwanted flavor or taste that throws an unappealing taste or flavor.On the contrary, the combination of jaggery and beetroot makes way for an unprecedented new find in taste.Absolutely stunning, its not fabulous in taste but those chunks of gooey chocolate in the centre makes it a drool worthy recipe that you need to keep for those special high tea events. And for kids , this is a great way to sneak in beets into their system.

On the beetroot puree, while you can boil or steam them and make a puree, I generally steam them so that that there is no residue water left in the resultant puree. This could effect the final texture of the brownie in case the puree has way too much water.

And since I decided to make this eggless, I have used flax seeds here as an replacement for eggs and minimal oil which truly makes this a healthy nutrient rich brownie of sorts that can conquer the taste buds of a wide range of foodies. As a substitute for eggs in cakes and brownies, while there are way too many ingredients that can be used , flax seeds is generally called as the direct substitute.And since brownies really do not require any milk or any other liquids, flax seeds is perfect for this recipe.

Generally if you have to use flax seeds in a recipe as a substitute to eggs, then the ratio is

Per One Egg = 1 tbsp flax seeds (powdered) mixed with 3 tbsp water.

Fortified with the nutrients of beetroot, this brownie with its low calorie benefits, and no sugar adds up to a prize winning recipe.

Also, the beetroot puree adds to its rich dark color that stands out high on visual appeal.Chocolate and beets are surprisingly a beautiful combination that deserves to be explored and to my mind, this is definetely the best chocolate beetroot brownie that satiates your sweet tooth without guilt. As an healthy rendition of a regular fudgy brownie, I have used sugar free dark chocolate that favors a chocolaty fudgy centre. When warm out of the oven, you can almost feel the gooey melting chocolate as you bite into a piece. These brownies are slightly cakey in terms of taste but outrageously delicious and sinful.

Luxuriously decadent, these are the best sophisticated healthy brownies that provide you with a nutrient packed bite for sure.Who would have thought of beets in a brownie. The nutrients from brownie blends with wholewheat and jaggery powder to create the best healthy homemade brownies.

So next time , when you go shopping remind yourself to get those beetroots in your grocery bag and surprise your guests with this exquisite healthy adaptation of a treat . And, for the kids, they wont feel a thing about the beetroots in their gooey brownies.

Wholewheat Beetroot Brownies with Jaggery (Eggless) / Beetroot Brownies with Jaggery/
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Eggless Wholewheat Beetroot Brownie with Jaggery is a helathy rendition to the regular brownies. fortified with the nutriets wof beetroot and jaggery, this one is eggless and does not have refined flour or Sugar. Whlewheat flour, jaggery powder, and beetroot puree along with some gooey sugar free dark chocolate makes this one of the beast helathy and sophisticated brownies .
Recipe type: brownies
Cuisine: American
  • Cup size 250ml
  • Whole Wheat Flour ½ cup
  • cocoa powder ¼ cup
  • Baking Powder 1 tsp
  • Baking Soda ½ tsp
  • Beetroot Puree 2 medium beets
  • Jaggery Powder ½ cup
  • chocolate 100 gms
  • Salt A pinch
  • Flax Seed Egg 1 tbsp(powdered) mixed with 3 tbsp water
  • Oil 2 tbsp
  • Vanilla Essence 1 tsp
  • Walnuts(optional) ¼ cup
  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees
  2. Prepare a 8x8 square tin
  3. Steam the beetroot and puree. Keep aside to cool
  4. Powder the flax seeds and mix with water and keep aside
  5. In a bowl sieve the flour, cocoa powder, salt, baking powder and soda
  6. Add the chocolate chunks to the dry mix and keep aside
  7. In another bowl beat the jaggery powder and oil
  8. Add the flax seed , vanilla essence and beat again
  9. Add the beetroot puree and mix.
  10. Mix the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients
  11. Just mix gently using the cut and fold method
  12. Pour the mix into a greased tin lined with parchment paper and bake for 35 minutes
  13. let it cool and cut into squares


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