Black Rice Kheer/ Black Rice Pudding/ Chak Hao Kheer

Black Rice or Chak Hao rice from Manipur remained in a state of anonymity for ages until recently. With sudden interests in healthy food habits and invention of new superfoods, Black rice has been hailed as one of the superfoods by the food experts and chefs in the culinary space today. So Black Rice although existed in India especially in the state of Manipur and some parts of other north-e astern states, has been catapulted to a new find status of royalty today.

Nutty and chewy with an earthy taste to it, it is unique in its texture and gives out a beautiful purple hue when cooked. Visually stunning, it lives up to its distinct identity of a food element that deserves a cult status.

While white rice, brown rice and black rice all existed in harmony in India, but not much was known really about the later two until the culinary space too a new route. But for someone like me born in North East, both black and brown rice existed for years. But unlike White and Brown rice, Black rice is unique in its way and generally not consumed as a staple in our daily meals. Due to its, hard, chewy texture, it is not ideal substitute to replace the regular white or brown rice. This even after cooking, often remains chewy and tough and hence can go best as a base to many alternatives like, rice cakes, patties, puddings or even salads.

For me, Black rice kheer has been a personal favorite . Distinctly unique with its beautiful purple hue, it remains on ts own even after being cooked in milk and you can almost chew every grain separately unlike the regular kheer. Less milk is absorbed and hence the rice doesnt really melt into a cohesive mass blending with the milk, nor does it really attain the thickness of a kheer.

But that’s the specialty of this nutrient rich super food. Rich in antioxidants, it is not just packed with fiber but varied minerals as well.

While some would love to cook it the way traditional kheer is made, I love cooking it a tad differently. Due to its coarse texture, it takes a while to cook, hnece the soaking is important. Furthermore, I cook the rice with a mix of little milk plus water in the pressure cooker until it just becomes slightly soft. This of course also speeds up the process. Remove and pour in a deep pan of hot mill and continue with the regular process of cooking Kheer. Let it cook along with the milk, add sugar and other flavorings as you wish.

Decked up in a creamy purple milk gravy, this kheer is as unique as it can be when it comes to indian desserts and can have ha captivating effect on the taste buds of a discerning foodie. Family or guests , this one is a crowd pleaser with its colorful vibrancy and taste. If you still havent tried as yet, maybe its time to get your hands on that pack of black rice now


Black Rice Kheer/ Black Rice Pudding/ Chak Hao Kheer
Black Rice kheer is unique in away that it is made with Black Rice. Made just like the quientessential Kheer, Black rice gives out a beautiful purplish hue while making it a visually stunning sight. The rice is slightly thicker then brown or white rice and makes for a chewy texture.
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
  • Black Rice Half Cup
  • Milk 500 gms
  • Sugar half cup or more depending on taste
  • cardamon powder - ¼ tsp or 2 cardamons crushed
  1. Cook the black rice in a pressure cooker like one cooks rice.
  2. This is required due to the coarse texture of the rice which will otherwise take a long time to cook in milk
  3. In another pan, pour the milk and let it simmer until reduced to half
  4. Once the rice is cooked pour it in the pan with milk along with water if any remaining
  5. Keep cooking on low flame.
  6. Keep stirring , otherwise the Kheer will get stuck to the bottom
  7. Once you feel the rice is cooked and has absorbed the milk, add the sugar and mix well
  8. Serve chilled


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