Green Chilli Pickle

Easy Green Chilli and Mustard Pickle

An extremely easy pickle recipe, green chilly with mustard pickle can be easily claimed  as a begginer’s journey into the world of Indian Pickles.

While pickle making  often seems to be a daunting process, with the right and exact quantities of spices that makes for a perfect taste, this recipe really does not need much of complex method or cooking or roasting that adds to the laborious task of pickle making

Absolutely fuss free ,this can be created in a jiffy and takes about 10 days to settle down in taste and bring out the real flavor of the mustard. A family favorite, I remember my mother preparing this very often during my childhood, and would keep it outdoors under the Sun’s rays letting the pickle intensify its flavors. As with all Pickles, this process of keeping the packed bottles outdoors is required for the flavors to settle down.

The combination of mustard and chilies is magical, and when the flavor takes its form in about 10 days, the chilies soaks the mustard and the vinegar , lending the pickle a beautiful texture and taste. Juicy , tangy and spicy, the chilies are soaked in the oily mustard paste that make sits extremely juicy ,soft and moist, that you will love the crunch of the bite of the chilies.

They are engulfed with the masala paste such that its a divine feeling biting into the soft chilies filled with the tangy mustard. A dark yellowish hue gives its rich identity alongwith the flowing masala mix that lends a tangy, piquant spicy flavor

I love to add a copious amount of mustard paste unlike other variations of the same pickle for the reason that it brings out a complete mustard flavor and a almost pairs like a sauce, which can be used in other recipes as a dip or sauces well. With veg cutlets, fish chops, cutlets or even nuggets, this can well go as a side sauce and not just a pickle. The piquancy of the yellow mustard is what gives this pickle its unique taste. Exquisite ,the amalgamation of the vinegar, mustard seeds and raw mustard oil seals its identity. They assimilate and create such a bonhomie that imparts an unique taste to the pickle

Easy Green Chilli and Mustard Pickle
Green Chiilies with mustard is the most easiest form of pickle that can be made in a jiffy.. With the domineering flavor of yellow mustard seed powder and raw mustard oil, this is one pickle that can be enjoyed with any Indian dish
Recipe type: Pickle
Cuisine: Indian
  • Green chilies cut into half inch 100 gms
  • Vinegar ¼th cup
  • Yellow Mustard seed powder- 7 to 8 tbsp
  • Mustard oil- ½ cup
  • Salt- 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder- ⅛th tsp
  1. Slightly roast the mustard seeds and powder them
  2. Wash and clean the green chilies
  3. Cut into half inch in length
  4. In a bowl take the chilies, vinegar, mustard seeds powder, turmeric powder, oil
  5. Mix well
  6. Store in air tight jars
  7. Can be eaten immediately but the ideal time is to consume after a week's time, when the bitterness of the mustard mellows down and the chilies merge with the overall mustard mix


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