Rasgulla Kheer

Rasgulla Kheer / Rasgulla Payesh

Two popular Indian desserts coalesced  to create a connected whole extraordinary sweet dish that’s not just unique but exquisite in taste as well. Thy name is Rasgulla Kheer or Rasgulla Payesh as it is called in the Bengali Culinary Dictionary. For the global readers,it can be summarized as soft spongy cottage cheese dumplings in a sweet reduced creamy milk.

Rasgulla ,the quintessential Bengali sweet( connotes to cottage cheese dumplings in sugar syrup) and Kheer ,a traditional Indian sweet dessert bunged together to form an unique, exquisite and marvelous wonder of a dessert that can be attested as the epitome of divine gastronomy of Indian flavors .Sweet  and creamy with the soft spongy milky rasgullas cooked in the thickened milk, this rasgulla kheer  is absolutely wonderful and manifests the beauty of Indian desserts.For the global audience, these can be simplified as cottage cheese dumplings cooked in milk that showcases the grandeur  of Indian Sweets. You can read my Rasgulla Recipe in my earlier post.

Kheer/ Payesh is unanimously loved across different regions of the country, and forms an integral part of  festive occasions. The most famous Kheer loved invariably by all Indians is the Rice Kheer

Rasgulla on the other hand is synonymous with all celebratory moments in life in the Bengali , Oriya and Assamese cultures,be it a festive occasion, a birthday, Pujo, Diwali, a promotion or school and college results; Rasgulla is inevitable in enjoying those occasions.

Both individually  are famous in their own distinctive taste that makes them undeniably an Indian’s favorite. But team both the flavors up , and the marriage works out beautifully to create a new find taste which is called as the Rasgulla Kheer or Payesh.Here, the  rasgullas are cooked in a reduced thickened milk that gives them an unique identity ,as they engulf in the beautiful kheer thus, combining it into a beautiful sweet milky treat.

And if you  have any misgivings about the difference in Rasgulla kheer versus Rasmalai which also trends on a familiar territory ;cooked almost in the same procedure, yet there are slight variations that differentiate the two. Rasmalai, technically also  involves rasgullas soaked  in a milky base; yet Rasgulla Kheer has a subtle change in the way it is cooked; thus yielding a certain decadence with a richer and creamier taste. The milk is cooked until almost reaching half the quantity in this case and the rasgullas are allowed to cook for a while in this reduced milk thus attaining a milky rasgulla . Rasmalai technically involves the same ingredients but the rasgullas are not really cooked in the milk for long and nor is the milk really thickened .It has a thinner runny milk base to the rasgullas.

Absolutely gorgeous, these melt in the mouth milky rasgullas absolutely soak up the milk when cooked  and intensifies the taste .The thickened milk earning the texture of Rabdi( another Indian Sweet dessert) adds to its finesse in creating a royal gourmet sweet dish.

You can make the rasgullas at home like I did or get the store bought rasgullas for an easier and quicker process. Just let the rasgullas cook  in the milk to create this luscious creamy Indian milky pudding. A creamy milk with cottage cheese dumplings that makes up for some sweet mouthfuls of indulgence. They are enjoyed best chilled . For your next house party,this is your dessert that will win you accolades for sure.

You could also read up my recipe on homemade Rasgullas and Sandesh.


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Rasgulla Kheer / Rasgulla Payesh
Rasgulla Kheer or Rasgulla Payesh as it is called in the bengali culinary dictionary, is a beautiful Indian dessert that is a combination of two individual sweets technically connected to form a delicious sweet treat. Similar to rasmalai, another Indian sweet, Rasgulla Kheer involves the rasgullas being cooked in a reduced milk to attain a soft milky rasgulas in a kheer like texture.
Recipe type: Sweets
Cuisine: Indian
  • Rasgullas 8 to 10
  • Milk 500 litre full fat Milk
  • Sugar 5 to 6 tbsp
  • 3 cardamons
  • Few crushed pistachios for garnish
  1. You can get store bought Rasgullas or read my homemade Rasgulla Recipe
  2. Boil the milk and add cardamom.
  3. Continue stirring on slow flame until it reduces to almost ⅓rd of the quantity
  4. Squeeze the rasgullas to drain out the syrup and add them to the milk
  5. Cook the rasgullas in the thickened milk on slow flame for another 10 mins
  6. The rasgullas will absorb the milk and attain a beautiful milky texture
  7. Add sugar, stir and adjust.When done, remove the cardamons .
  8. Let it chill for sometime in the refrigerator
  9. Serve them in individual cups with a sprinkle of few crushed pistachios



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