Moru Curry- Pulliserry

Moru curry or Pullisery that is is also called is distinct to Kerala cuisine and unusual in its taste. A yoghurt based curry ,it is a part of their feasts like Onam Sadiya menu and very much a part of every kerela household. For the audience who understand the western part of cuisine from our country it can be of familiar territory to the Gujarati kadhi. In simple terms it is a seasoned buttermilk (Moru) curry mildly flavored .

You will always get a moru(buttermilk) curry with a traditional kerela thali across all restaurants. My recent kerela vacation made me an enlightened soul as far as the culinary history of kerala cusine and its flavors. Beautifuly delicious and simplicity as its base, this cuisine is
distinctive in its burst of flavors with coconut as its forerunner. Puttu, moru curry ,appam, fish curry,fish moilee(meen moilee) are some of the must haves if you ever visit kerela. Simplistic in treatment, it is  only fair to term coconut as the hero in every dish perhaps lending a tribute and respect to this land of coconut trees.Not too much of complicated cooking nor myriad blend of spices, they are easy to cook and gives out a familiar intoxicating aroma of the spices .
I dont remember relishing any meal without a bowl of moru,. All thalis will ensure you get the best of moru.

Moru curry can be of two types.Moru curry without coconut and the other version with coconut. Further classified into Moru with vegetable like ashgourd ,cucumber ,pineapple ,mango or a curry devoid of any vegetable,just the beauty of the bonhomie created by the pairing of coconut and curd .

Today’s curry is a simple pulliserry /moru curry with coconut and a beautiful tempering.
Generelly cumin seeds are added to the grated coconut and blended for the paste,however I prefer to use homemade roasted cumin powder for its densely strong sensory aroma.

You will need to ensure that you use a,slight sour curd and not overly sweet since the base of this curry is slightly tangy, balanced beautifully by the sweetness of the freshly grated coconut.If not tangy enough you could add a little tamarind powder.

Extremely simple and fuss free ,the temperamental curd here is beautifully tamed with the addition of coconut thus gives it a sturdy texture saving it from curdling. The beautiful tempering of mustard ,curry leaves and fenugreek seeds makes this a coastal flair to be relished with plain rice


Moru Curry- Pulliserry
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Kerala Moru curry or Pullissery as it is also called is a simple yoghurt dish .It is also called as butter milk (moru)recipe seasoned with mild spices which is an everyday side dish in most malyalayi households and also forms an integral part in the Kerala feasts like Onam and Sadya menu
Recipe type: Side Dish
Cuisine: Indian
  • Buttermilk 2 cups ( or 1 cup Curd and 1 cup water mixed)
  • Grated coconut ½ cup or ¾th cup according to taste
  • ½ inch ginger
  • green chillies 2 nos
  • turmeric powder ½ tsp
  • salt as per taste
  • Cumin seeds ½ tsp ( I used used 1 tsp roasted cumin powder for ease)
  • For tempering
  • curry leaves few
  • Red dry chilly 1 or 2
  • mustard seeds 1tsp
  • fenugreek seeds ½ tsp
  • coconut oil 1 tbsp
  • shallots 2 small finely chopped
  • asafetida ¼ tsp
  1. Whisk curd and water together to make buttermilk
  2. Blend the curd- water mix, ginger, green chilliesand blend into a fine paste
  3. In a deep pan, put the coconut mix and add the buttermilk.
  4. Cook on low flame for a few minutes until warm
  5. Do not let it boil or simmer,it will curdle
  6. In another pan, add oil
  7. When hot, add the mustard seeds, red chillies, asafedita, fenugreek seeds and onions.
  8. Pour this over the moru curry and serve with boiled rice


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