Black Grape Jam

Black Grape Jam

Nothing seems more beautiful then the waft of  homemade jam, mixed with dollops of butter on toast for breakfast ,complimented by that strong morning cup of tea, isn’t it? With a beautiful purple hue to its visual appeal  lending it a rich identity, Black Grape Jam is the latest to spring out from my kitchen. As a spread on toast, or as a sandwich spread or even as a spread with Rotis for a quick snack, its my most favorite jam with the fruity explosion of grapes.

Little piquant, and a little sweet, this is perfect to go as a breakfast spread. The sweetness of the seedless black grapes gives a distinct flavor to the resultant jam.And unlike the store bought ready made jams, this homemade version has bits of whole  crushed grapes in it which gives it a thick robust texture  accentuating the natural flavor. That’s quite a heavenly delicious feeling of biting into bits of real black grapes in your spread.

It is a known fact that with fruits you can either make jams or jellys. While jellys are made from the juice of the fruit, jams follow an easier process as its made from the fruit pulp.

Both Jams and Jellys ideally needs pectin to form into the ultimate texture and taste. But  some fruits have have a natural high level of pectin which makes it easier for making homemade Jam or Jelly. Grapes, Guavas have a natural high dose of pectin in them ,hence it is quite easy to make a smooth jam or Jelly without any additional preservatives.

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Black Grapes have a high level of pectin in them and hence it is easy for making  quick jams out of them at home that can be stored for a few months without any fuss.Like I mentioned earlier, you have the option of making a crushed uneven thick jam with chunks of grapes or make a smooth jam just like the ready made ones.I love my homemade jams with whole grapes in them,tastes so much more natural.It can sum up as a spread or fillings for pies and tarts as well or even a topping for glorious desserts like a pannacotta or a parfait perhaps or even as a glaze for roast chicken and turkeys.


With black grapes, its an absolute no fuss, no hassle method of  making jam.Sugar ,lemon juice and grapes are all that are bunged together to form a beautiful mass of yummy jam that entices you with its beautiful purple hue. Sugar adds like the preservative here along with lemon juice which is a natural preservative and together  with the pulp of the grapes ,they create a bonhomie and  acts in tandem to form a thick mass of beautiful purple Black Grape Jam.

The consistency of the jam is what the frugal point of concern  is when cooking on flame. Once you get that right, you have mastered the art of making Jams or Jellys. If  have a fair sense of knowledge about the thickness that is required and the timing of when to put off the flame, you are lucky.Otherwise you might need a trial or so to hit the right consistency. Sometimes, if it’s on the flame for a longer period, the jam tends to harden, the taste and flavor of course remaining consistent .

This ,comes with practice is what I would like to state. So worry not,in case you fail to hit the jackpot the first time around, it will surely create a perfect finish the next time.And once you have that perfect jam, you will never want to lay your hands on any ready made jams.


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Black Grape Jam
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Black Grape Jam is one of the easiest homemade jams, with bits of whole grapes and a visually stunning purple hue in appearance, it is a sweet and tart jam that is perfect to go not just as a spread on toast but as fillings for tarts and pies as well.
Recipe type: Jam
Cuisine: American
  • Black Seedless Grapes 1 kg
  • Sugar 1cup
  • Lemon juice 2 tbsp
  • water-1/4th tea cup or less
  1. In a deep pan, take the seedless grapes with a little water(around ¼th cup).Can avoid as well
  2. Let it come to a boil and cook until the grapes are soft
  3. For a shorter method, you can use a pressure cooker as well.
  4. Once the grapes are soft and mushy, crush them with a potato masher
  5. Dont mash it totally if you desire for bits of whole grapes in your jam
  6. Add sugar and lemon juice and cook on low flame until the mixture thickens slightly
  7. Keep stirring until the jam is slightly thick.
  8. The right way to check is the jam is done is to take a chilled/frozen spoon and drop two spoons of the mix on the spoon.
  9. Keep it in the fridge for a minute.
  10. If the jam hardens , then its done.
  11. Keep in mind that the mixture needs to be put off the flame when slightly liquidish
  12. Dont wait for it to harden since it will anyways harden once cool.
  13. Store into airtight jars and enjoy them with your favorite pairings of toast, tarts, pies or even flatbreads,and sandwitches
A little water is added to the grapes for boiling .Should be around just ¼th cup since grapes will also release their own juice.
The more water you add, the longer time it will take to solidify




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