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Restaurant Review: Tamasha, Lower Parel(Mumbai)

Lavish settings, luminous effects that accentuates the dim lighting to exude and evoke a certain vibrancy even under the romantic ambiance.It is all romance and love wafting in the air , as the premium settings of Tamasha evokes a certain luxurious demeanor , exuberating an  attitude and class with a lot of warmth in its ambiance and hospitality

While Lower Parel, an erstwhile parched land is now an abundance of new hangout places for the consumers. A burgeoning growth of new places to wine and dine, this stretch now is almost an avalanche of restaurants, lounges and bars, all of varied kinds and types, to suit various categories of party goers and the office gangs too. Almost every fortnight a new place is launched, and as I write, already there are a couple of more restaurants that have sprung up after Tamasha.

Ambiance and history: With 25 outlets in Delhi to its credit,this brand, the brain child of Priyank Sakhuja opens with a lot of expectations in Mumbai, with its high credit rating by Delhi-ites. Lavish and huge ,it speaks of a premium attitude that is resplendent with a feel of romance , with its dim lights, well laid out ,classy ambiance and of the the lightnings  that which are the highlight of the overall ensemble I say. Almost like a festive effect. You can’t really miss the lightnings which seem to have a cascading effect , thus mesmerizing your senses coupled with the ambient music that grows on to you towards the later part of the day. The long bar is tastefully designed to not just service you with their best drinks but also has a beautiful range of cocktail and crockery  elements to showcase . They do have big plans in the city ,so informed their restaurant manager Preeti, who told us that the next branch will be at Andheri West sometime soon.

Service: Speaks volumes about the brand. With a welcome stance, the entire  contentious staff seemed eager to host you to a great experience. Well trained and equipped with perfect hospitality etiquette, they are friendly and puts you in a comfort zone with their affable nature, and responds with an alacrity that signifies the infallible standards of service.With a fusion themed menu on cards, the staff is well trained on the nuances of the dishes and aid you beautifully to choose your meal apart from being efficient and proficient.


Food: With a lot of brands opening up to molecular gastronomy and fusion food as a theme, Tamasha brings with them an eclectic spread of menu that involves a creative innovation of flavors in fusion food and showcasing some finest of the local food of the city too.With a confluence of  cuisines that range from pizzas,pastas, far east flavors to local cuisines like kheema pav,here, western  profiles meet Indian flavors and thus create flamboyant modern presentation of perfect food and drama on your plate with modern technique of cooking and wonderfully blended cuisines that lend an innovative taste to the new dish formed ,. In short, it’s a compete Tamasha of food and flavor on your table. This entire spread is supervised by their Head Chef Jehangir Jamula who deserves an applause.Designed beautifully to segregate different category types, you can choose from Quickies, Soups and Salads, Small Plates, Pizzas, Pastas and Risottos, Dimsums,Breads and Wraps,Dessert plates and Mains; each dish under its designated category articulated well with a brief but concrete description that defines the overall dish that helps you in your of  selection . With its luxurious settings , defining opulence and elegance, couple with its modern take on menu, the pricing is luxurious too especially in terms of the alcohol menu, while the rest is moderate.



Tamasha House Special: Chocolate delight-A chocolaty drink infused with vodka, baileys,kalhua, milk and chocolate syrup. Unique and distinctly beautiful if you love chocolate drinks and desire a twist to it



Salads and Soup:

Sabzi and Pasta Soup– “South Indian goes Italian” in short. A beautiful Rasam based broth with veggies  that comes with a few units of beautiful pasta drowning in it.


Chicken spicy dimsums– A discerning dimsum lover, I choose to stick to my chicken dimsums, which were soft and moist with a succulent juicy filling of minched meat. These were regular and a safe bet. For vegetarians, they have spinach and Mushroom , Soya Basil , Mix veg celery as options. They also have a prawn version(Prawns sui mai) if you you crave for prawns.For me, Chicken dimsums are  my favourite picks  always.No deviation here.



Small Plates:

Scooped Potatoes stuffed with cheese– Another winner. Half Potatoes, scooped from the centre and  packed with cottage cheese and cheese, baked to perfection. Bound to disappear in a jiffy. And you really do realize that the tastes are well thought of with much precision and conviction. This is what differentiates an excellent dine out experience from the rest.This also has the chicken filling version which was beautifully done up as well.


Chicken 65 Paratha Pizza– A marriage between a Pizza and a Paratha. How cool is that? I don’t think I must have ever relished such an awesome mix of flavor that’s bunged together. The pizza base is apparently made of Kerela Parotha, which to an extent is over-fried to give the hard texture of the crust.This inadvertently makes the crust close in proximity to the thin crust pizzas. You wouldn’t realise it’s a Paratha even as you relish ;unless you are informed. Amazing. Layers with flavors of chicken and veggies,following  the general formula of a pizza , this is by far one of the best that I savored.



As with its themed fusion spread, the innovative flavors are deftly done with panache  and a great blend of taste imparting out of two distinct cuisines. The khow suey burger, the Tawa Pulao with English veggies, or Nachos with your choice of Indian toppings like Chicken Tikka, Paneer Makhani are way too endearing for a happy tummy. Enough to lift a nonchalant or even a stressed out day at work. Vodka infused Biryani, Tamasha Pizza with a Makhani sauce, Pork Vindaloo Satay  ,Bhatti Murg Souvlaki, are some of the fusion recipes which call for an applause, whereas the appearance of Kheema Pav or a Patrani Macchi, Bheja Fry with Bun Maska just satiate your local street food cravings. And if you don’t  desire to deviate from your regular food habits , you will be only happy to savor your Butter Chicken with garlic naan, or Paneer Labadar, Dal Makhanai, Chetinad Chicken as well.

So a, confluence of varied cuisines, some Local, some fusion themed and some are regular dishes that reeks high in popularity charts for you to relish


Verdict: Absolutely brilliant, Tamasha is here to stay is my verdict. If food is a harbor of love and if great  hospitality is what defines a great hangout place then Tamasha ticks all the right boxes. A regular classy place or for celebrating occasions or purely on a romantic date, Tamasha should be at the top of your list if Lower Parel is where you plan to party. A sensory fun filled experience awaits as you soak into the glory of all things embodying romance and labor of love. It is ideal for creating special moments of joy that remains etched in your memories. Not that it should impede your plans for a regular night /day out plans at this magnificent place, but the overall experience is enough to make your day special ,hence  celebratory moments are what you need to associate Tamasha with.  For me, I still have to try out their entire menu, and I will be back soon for sure.  Can’t wait to dig my fork into those amazing blend of flavors conjuring upto such innovative dishes. Vodka Biryani on my mind the next time for sure!




Value for money:4.5/5


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