Nutella Brownie


Nutella- the world’s most magical ingredient in the culinary dictionary is what i would like to term it as.For your baking skills, nutella can catapult you to a level of a prolific baker with its versatility. Non temperamental and easily adapted to incur a richness to so many desserts, this creative magical formula of using nutella to create gorgeous, lipsmacking dishes is a common norm now as you see a medley of recipes made with nutella.


With its thick chocolaty texture( I like the hazelnut flavor) ,it has the capacity to substitute  many an ingredient in your list of items required to create decadent desserts. Nutella, cakes, cookies, chocolate balls , brownies, and even and Indian version of rice kheer is what I have managed to cook up so far.Lending a flamboyant flavor to desserts this creative endeavour will defienaltly earn you rave reviews

Extremely easy to make any dessert since nutella almost takes centrestage of the dish, substituting few of the ingredients in the list to the preparation of the said dessert, it doesn’t sometimes need the exact measurement to firm up a perfect dessert . It will always turn out perfect.

There are various types of nutella brownies on the internet flowing , with eggs, without eggs, with different meauremnets of ingredients. However this is by far the easiest that I can think of for beginners. Even if you aren’t really proud of your baking skills, this is a brownie that will boost your confidence. With a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, they are your perfect home made gooey dessert for the house party. Sinful and indulgent

I am following a recipe that I found from, however i have tweaked the measurements slightly ( lesser nutella and extra nuts for flavor)and used a different temperature setting as well. I found this combination perfect as per the sweetness and final crispness of the outer crust


Nutella- 1 .5 cup

Refined Flour-3/4th cup

Baking powder- 1/2 tsp

Sugar- 1/2 cup

Butter-7 tbsp

Nuts(broken cashew/walnuts)- 1/4th cup

Plz note: 1 cup here refers to the exact measuring cup that I used. If you use your own tea cups, the measurements and the final outcome might vary, hence it is always ideal to use measuring cups and spoons for a perfect outcome of cakes and brownies


  • Take 1 cup Nutella(rest of it to be used later), eggs, butter, sugar and mix
  • Seive the baking powder and flour and add it to the batter. Mix(But do not over mix since the bownie batter does not need to be smooth like a cake batter)
  • Prepare a greased baking tray and pour the batter.Let it settle .Now pour dollops /spoonfuls of nutella over the batter randomly. Dont mix or swirl ,just let it be.This will give that moistness and lend a fudgy texture to the resultant brownie
  • Preheat the oven at 200 degrees C and bake for a flat 35 minutes or until a knife comes out clean

Brownies are typically categorized into two types that embody a perfect taste. One that’s the regular brownie that which s a result of a failed cake(as history says). the absence of baking powder gives it a hard crust which is crispy on the outer edge and overall a stronger texture then the soft, moist cake. the second types is the gooey and moist brownie, which takes the form of a fudgy texture to an extent. Soft and decadent, it gets its delicious moist texture from the use of cooking chocolate. The more you use cooking chocolate, the better its stands in its form of a fudgy texture.

nutella brownie

I generally like the regular brownie more since they are easier to make and not much ofa hassle when it comes to the final outcome.This nutella brownie is of a regular one, and achieves a hard texture.However the dollops of nutella on the top makes it gooey and moist . The flavor of nutella is not overpowering but has an underlying effect on the overall taste.It gives  a certain richness that lifts this brownie to a different level of yumminess. Team up with your favorite vanilla icecream and some chocolate sauce and you are ready for applause is my guarantee. Serving them in your ice cream glasses with a little chocolate ganache and whipped cream will add that extra luxury that screams exchatcy.Lavish and extravagance personified with alittle creative endevour that leads to a sinfulful indulgence.

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