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Sattu, the quintessential element of bihari cuisine, a staple ingredient that which is slowly achieving a stature of a premium level, with its sattu drink,  highly promoted as a healthy ,energizing drink for its protein content these days. But for the common man from Bihar, Sattu signifies the lifestyle and an example of staple bihari cuisne, authentically rooted to its culinary dictionary. My friends from jamshedpur in college possessed their own bottles of sattu powder that they would carry back from home after vacations. It was considered healthy and refreshing even then but possibly not known as much to the world about its benefits. Now with health topics taking immense coverage on the internet, magazines and media, the sattu drink has suddenly catapulted itself to being a fancy healthy drink.

Baring a drink,the most common dish that constitutes a mix of sattu is the sattu paratha that which is a gastronomic delight from Bihari cuisine. Extremely simple, yet the mix of sattu is unique in taste and exquisite only to the food of Bihar. Not heard anywhere else across the country , this is their very own dish, which achieved its  popularity in the State.

For the unknown , sattu is  a powder made from roasted chana gram.I love the taste of the sattu mixed with the raw mustard oil, as it behaves on similar patterns like the food habits of the eastern part of our country especially Assam and West Bengal,where the use of  mustard oil in regular dishes is very common , Hence for me the taste warms up to my taste buds,  having my origins back in the eastern belt of the country.

While earlier it was a near impossible task to get the actual sattu powder anywhere across the country apart from Bihar, itwas  impossible for people like us to even try our hands at a paratha,. It was only , the bihari friend / colleague who had to be coaxed into getting a homemade  sattu paratha to satiate our taste buds. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see a readymade pack of sattu powder at a nearby grocery story that nearly made me smile with glee as I finally achieved the impossible task of getting my hands on a packet of sattu powder. Quickly , I set off to try my hands on these beautiful parathas.

While the trick of making the praratha is the same, it is just the filling of sattu powder that gives it a distinct , perceptible taste, akin to Bihari Cuisine


for the filling
sattu- 2 cup
mustard oil- 1 to2 tbsp depending on the level of piquancy you desire
chopped onions -2
coriander powder- 1/5 tsp(optional)
cumin powder- 1/2 tsp(optional)
chopped ginger- 1tsp(can be avoided as well)
mango pickle oil(with some masala) – 2 tsp
aijwain- 1 tsp
chopped coriander powder- little
green chillies chopped- 2to 3
salt – as per taste
lime juice- 2 tsp(or more depending on your pallate)

for the dough
Wheat flour(Atta)- 3 cups
Salt- little
oil/ghee-  2tbsp
water- as required


  • Mix all the ingredients for the filling with a little water and bind it to form slight crumbs.
  • Knead wheat flour, water,  salt and oil and prepare a dough and keep aside for a while
  • Now make small  balls of the dough and flatten them slightly. Take each ball and roll them out slightly.
  • Fill the flat balls with some of the filling. i usually fill in as much as the size of the ball so as to have a filling paratha.
  • Cover it from all sides and form a closed ball again
  • Flatten the ball sightly from top and roll it out in a circular motion into a paratha, not too thick ,not too thin
  • Roast them on the tawa on medium flame on both sides while brushing with oil/ghee.Roast it till brown on both sides

Unique and explicit with a slight piquancy of the mustard oil, it gives you a punch. Dry, pungant and piquantly flavored , the onions imparting a crisp texure, it creates a great meal. Sattu , being a little heavy , has the capacity to satiate you to the fullest. If you havent tried yet, then its time for you to fill your grocery bag with sattu powder. An uninitiated taste perhaps, yet unique and flavorful, well crafted to form a great blend of taste to your regular parathas. As a snack, its falls into the category of healthy options of food, with the numerous benefits of the chana gram flour, while if you want to relish it like the Bihari community does, a bowl of baingan ka bharta(a dish representing roasted brinjals, mashed and fried) does justice to your overall meal.

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