Restaurant Review: Tap Restro Bar- Sakinaka(Andheri East)

Magnificently huge , with a majestic resplendence , sporting a boisterous and vivacious demeanor, this is the newest outlet of Tap Restrobar that opened its door at Sakinaka on 7th july..and by far, without an arguable debate this is the best amongst all their outlets in terms of space and decor. It is one of the better hang- out joints in Andheri East for sure.For the office goers in Andheri East, this definitely is a blessing  .You wouldn’t need to travel to Andheri West or Bandra anymore..more of a corporate crowd that dominates this area,this is an apt place for chilling out with your colleagues.
Huge sprawling area with a capacity to hold 600 people(so we were informed by our enthusiastic server, melchy), it has 5 different areas to boast of..That is now quite an offering in a place like Mumbai where struggle for space is a part of lifestyle and a huge area like this seems like a dream.
And I must say that they have managed to utilize the space very well..architecturally the interiors speak of sheer class with the well defined areas designed in a way that gives you a feel of its enormity.
Ambiance and Decor- As you enter , you walk through a glass floor that constructs a bridge like passage which is an aquarium in reality with beautiful tiny fishes wriggling  below the glass floor that is filled with short,you walk over a floor aquarium leading you to a huge astounding area which has the pool tables like their other outlets and a beautiful bright circular bar that has glasses hanging in a circular motion above the bar which aesthetically works out to a great design that symbolizes luxury and a premium appeal..they also have the dessert bar by the side while the rest of the area is taken by  the tables ..This according to the manager is the smoking zone..WOW! What a huge one that is,wide,spacious ,with the pool tables for you to chill out and a bar and a dessert bar as well..the space is well enough to accommodate a bijou pub in whole..but for Tap this is just the first area.The next door opens to the main area which is all extravagance personified..With another semi circular bigger bar here with the same stylish decor of the glasses hanging from the bar top,this has tables spread out across and additional bar stools as well..there are huge tables and low regular seatings as well..and plenty of space to move around.And keeping its core identity of the brand as a sports bar , it has a huge screen for the sports lovers.An absolute favorite of a place for watching your next high voltage ,hands in mouth kind of a match. Additionally ,there are two different private dining areas on either side that can house bigger groups of people above a a total head count of 30. So either a private party or a corporate getogether this works out as a great deal.


And there’s more..The third door opens to another zone which transforms your whole dining experience to a frenzied atmosphere with the dance floor!with led flashlights that moves in a circular motion projecting multicoloured lights, this truly looks like a floor in a nightclub..the rest of the area again is covered by sofas and tables..So if you want to experience a high voltage energy atmosphere and shake a leg, this is the area..with the DJ sprinting out numbers i could see a group of youngsters putting their heads down on the dance floor.the music effectuates a volcanic energy that exudes a electrifying ambiance .


Food and Service : scrumptious , well cooked with all the flavors in place. while the staff had a welcoming stance, the fervent servers made sure that were happy and contempt and frequented our table asking us if everything is fine..on the food, its a concise mixed menu of various cusines,indian,chines,italian and mexican offering limited variety in each cusine apart from the starters. However, since its a confluence of different cusines that made up a succint version of a menu, you wouldnt be disappointed..and the waiters would be more then happy to suggest if you are stuck in between.


On the flip side, the music got louder towards the later part of the day post 9 pm..i dont know if that should be a great feel to liven up your evening or a nuisance to your quiet evening ..for the area with the dance floor it is obvious that music is what sets the  acoustic meter right..however it was a bit too loud for the other areas too..if you want to spend some time to chat ,it almost becomes difficult as my throat parched of thirst having screaming my guts out in that loud music..but if you are a fervent lover of the madness and the the loud crazy music , then this is where your search ends.

For me,as I walked out with my throat and ears numb due to the sudden raise of the music levels, i could only sum it up as a place that which would be either loved or perhaps avoided(only for the loud music).

Brilliant place, outstanding decor with a huge area, buzzing dance floor,it has everything that calls for an experience that cant be missed..But with the loud music setting in  , it might perhaps need some amount of thought to decide if that’s your place for the evening .If its for a chilled out time where holding conversations is priority ,this might be an upheal task with the impeding background music.But then,for a fun filled crazy evening of  drinks and and dance  , or for watching a high voltage cricket match,or even for just a game of pool with friends, this is a must visit once.With a large spread out area and foot tapping music  coupled with the electrifying dance floor, it sure will leave you in high spirits.
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