Steamed shrimps/prawns in mustard cocoanut paste/shorsho bhape chingri

Mustard and fish..a classic combination and staple food from the culinary dictionary of the eastern belt of the country, mainly the states of Assam and Bengal. Although the paternity claims are owned by Bengal since the dish achieved its fame and popularity in that state, it is very much  a part of the daily meals of an assamese household back in Assam too. So ,my love for fish recipes especially river water fish is predisposed.. having an inherent skill and love for cooking up any fish dish..And with yellow mustard paste it screams royalty. Straight from the gourmet kitchen , mustard fish especially with illish or hilsa as it is called is an extremely luxurious dish served and relished amongst guest,And expensive too.
So with vaunted claims I can say that mustard based fish recipes are staple diet since eternity,. Now with food taking a culinary adventure and fusion food stories being a gourmet delight across the globe, you see a variety of mustard based dishes ,mustard suddenly having grown as a luxurious ingredient, its piquant taste lending  a tart flavor to any dish, Indian , mexican ,french or american, you see the appearance of mustard sauce everywhere.
My mustard recipes have been a part of my roots, my culture , from the gastronomy of assamese cuisine. Yellow mustard seeds is what is the hero
They are soaked ,drained and blended well to make a paste. While mustard based fish ideally rohu or bhetki is the most popular, shrimps/prawns or chingri as it is called is another variant of a recipe where mustard is used.
Also not many households use or make this since prawns or shrimps are always the second in line favorite in terms of fishes used. For me, i have always loved whatever form, chinese style , tandoori prawns,the goan style, mangolarean style or even mexican/continental way of relishing them with wine and stocked . This mustard paste based prawns is something which i absolutely gorge on and by fart its my favorite,,Its just an extension of the steamed ilish , but the shrimps obviously lend a different texture and taste to the entire dish
But I must say that this dish when I relished at a family friend’s house was almost intoxicating with the jumbo sized prawns absolutely absorbing the sweetness of the semi gravy. So yes, it does taste a tad better with jumbo prawns. For me ,it was the tiny shrimps though which seemed to impress me.Their sweetness and size almost intermingled with the curry giving a chewy and sweet texture to bite. So just perfect for that bowl of steamed white rice.
Mustard paste- 2 tbsp
Cocoanut paste-2 tbsp
Poppy seeds paste-2 tbsp
Mustard oil- 2 tbsp
Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp

  • Wash the prawns with lime and salt and keep aside
  • In a bowl take the prawns,add coconut mustard and poppy seeds paste along with ginger garlic paste and chopped green and chilies.add salt and mustard oil..leave to marinate for a while
  • In the cooker,add a little water and keep the bowl of prawns over it..ensure that the water does not enter the bowl. Alternatively you can use your steamer
  • Cover the bowl with a lid
  • Close the cooker and let it whistle for once
  • Lower the flame and let it cook for around 8 minutes

Soft, and tender, the piquancy of the mustard is very well mellowed down by the blend of cocoanut and poppy seeds that arrive to give a glorious sweet taste. While the domineering raw mustard oil is perfect to seal the taste.You cant get this with any other oil except mustard oil and in our cuisine, the rawness of the oil gives that zing to the entire dish as it percolates down the steamed dish and integrates with the concoction of the poppy seeds and coconut, while a a few green chillis brings in that feiry tang to the dish. A great dish , bursting with flavors of the mustard paste and the oil, it is your perfect dish to accompany your bowl of steamed rice.



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