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There is a wide difference in reviewing a restaurant based on an one time visit versus being a regular ,having understood its overall demeanor, consistency in overall parameters of food ,service and ambiance. My review on Hoppipola,Malad is just basis an one time unplanned visit hence may or may not match up to the other reviews. Notwithstanding ,my ratings and reviews could also change with multiple visits with time, hence I am not adjudicating anything specific .

On Hoppipola Malad- As we witness a proliferation of new -age, innovative ,quirky , offbeat restaurants making an appearance in the city , its seems to be the flavor of the season. Of quirkiness, arty demeanor, rustic ambiance with a certain sophistication attached, that represents the young, funky attitude with a cool demeanor. Soaking in its froth, Hoppipolla sets forth to achieve just that. Not sure how much they have achieved, yet as a brand ,the fact that the 4th outlet in Malad opened in a sprawling new space at the upscale infinity mall(replacing Manchester United), proves that they are perhaps doing great business so far.

As with their other outlets, this one too projects a world of fun that exudes a funk appeal, trendy demeanor and artistic environment with positive young vibes. Add to it some board games , magazines and books and a quirky rustic decor, you have a perfect gateaway from the tiring exhausting shopping experience at the mall.. Its a destination that transports you to a world of dark hues, dim lights, beautiful music and great food to call it an experience besides books and games for company..


It definitely is one of the better hangouts in this area along with Irish house that’s located at Inorbit,but while Irish stands to give you a feel of a pub frenzy atmosphere, this is more of a sit down place with a little fun, little trendiness appearance in attitude.

Décor and Ambiance – As a brand, hoppipola is one of those array of newer brands that trying to attract the modern, trendy crowd, And so far its done its job well attracting newer crowd, . This new outlet in the mall brings the same brand identity of an image that portrays a cool ambiance that injects happiness and fun into onself thus effectuating a great feeling of an relaxed atmosphere. With rustic wall décor, a couple of mini aeroplanes protruding from the ceiling as props, multicoloured glass works and beautiful lamps that hang down from the ceiling and of course the music it works out to a funky atmosphere that breathes energetic vibes. Little dim for the day though, with a casting dark hue you may not wish for a dark environment for a lunch-out perhaps or wouldn’t feel comfortable trying the board games, yet its a value addition for ones who would love to chill out with their drinks .A variety of board games(jhenga, scrabble, othelo) are at your disposal ,and like a time machine ,it transports back to an earlier fun filled time zone of your life with friends as you sit down to enjoy. Tables are laid strategically with both high tables in white and low seatings in brown, alongside an extra long white bar table.For a first timer, you might feel a little piqued or rather apprehensive with the dim lightings and the dark abstract kind of décor and ambiance especially if you visit during the day. For lunch, yes it is a little too dark to be relishing a great meal or even to enjoy the games or even trying your hands at reading a magazine.While you marvel at the shelves of magazines and books, yet it’s an arduous task to read through the pages or even play a game under that dimly lit atmosphere.But for the night, it’s a frenzied atmosphere with the same lightings and the music .

Food and Service –The menu is aesthetically designed , creatively innovated and taken a little seriously is what I believe, for some of the dishes are so creatively written in one- liners that you wouldn’t, understand the meaning or what it signifies. ‘ Smoking carlos’, is one dish which comes with a tagline,’bite it, light it and taste it’! Well for once, I felt I was at an creative strategy workshop or briefing my creative agency perhaps to work out a story-line on smoking carlos. Nevertheless, with a little help from the servers you are ready to order your favorite dishes. A menu that consists of a bend of different cuisines, Mexican, Italian and a little of Indian Food, it has some good dishes to tickle your taste buds, however I would sum it as a menu that highlights finger foods and side dishes more then the main-course.

If main course is what your idea of a lavish meal at that hoppipola signifies, you might feel a little short -changed with the limited choice. But the new 349 set meal I think is an awesome deal, ingeniously conceived. These meal combos I think always work well if you manage to work out a perfect mix of dishes that constitute a great meal. Salad, starters, main course and a dessert that sums up to a deal worth Rs 349. 2 starters, one house salad, a main course either a slice of pizza or pasta, and a mini brownie with ice-cream. Absolutely a treat with perfect balance of flavors I must say, the harissa paneer steaks and the harisaa chicken were impeccable.

Perfectly done, soft and moist with the feiry harrisa sauce overbearing while a slight tangy feel underlining the dish. So were the chicken wings , that had a beautiful sticky texture .My pink chicken pasta was one of the most amazingly done up pastas ever, with the right amount of red and white sauce mixed together blending beautifully with the pennes, while the luscious mini brownie was a final seal on its amazing set buffet meal.

Verdict –Overall, a hangout joint in this area that works like a stupendous option for residents that live towards further north of this city. For search of that hip, trendy elusive restrobar cum dining place, you search ends here at hoppipola. Prompt service, decent food , good music, some fun times if you are in a mood to play games or just chilling out with friends over drinks this is a place that will leave you with warm smiles . Coupled with the dim lights that pose an air of romanticism , this can also be a place to hold intimate conversations with your loved one.

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