Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe- Andheri West(Mumbai)

AN INTRO-Bewilderment rules my mind as I seem to be harboring mixed feelings  in regards to my thoughts about reviewing a brand that’s hugely popular globally and is one of the most popular ,well respected brands in the specific industry that has left indelible footprints . Hard Rock Cafe is thy name..Does it even require a review? for I dont seem to find anything to point out in terms of suggestions or perhaps recommendations of improving on their service food or anything else..any other suggestions would imply a defining chance in their concept perhaps which is insignificant considering the brand identity and image that it has successfully build upon across the globe… So whatever reviews we write on HRC , is our own personal food and music experiences of perhaps a said outlet or maybe as an experience of the brand overall.

For me I have been a fan of HRC even before it entered India as I had my first brush with its experience in Singapore.Years later as it swooned the crowd in India I was thrilled,not because I loved its music or food but for the fact that an international brand of the stature of HRC is in my city.. No I am not too fan of the type of  Rock music that HRC plays nor can I handle their menu on every occasion , my taste buds often conflicting in nature , that requires varied food at times. BUT the ambiance, atmosphere, the whole aura of HRC made me a loyal customer.The Worli outlet was close workplace and I also managed to do a brand association with them for my company. Hence it was a regular affair that we would most often visit that outlet on work and post work. So when this Andheri West outlet opened in my neighborhood, I was thrilled to bits..soon it became my most favorite neighborhood hanging out it at night or even during lunch meetings I am a frequent visitor.more so ,ever since they launched their set menu buffet , it was another option for lunch.

DECOR and AMBIANCE – On the decor and  ambiance, as you enter, you are in awe of the sprawling size of area..just like every other outlet, its a huge area spread out located in the fun republic lane which now i think is the most popular lane in the andheri link road for your evening with the number of joints that have proliferated .In between many buzzing and trending nightclubs that exists in this lane HRC stands out for its sheer largeness. The logo shines like a beacon in that otherwise unappealing lane. As you enter ,you are exposed to the underlining air of an international feel by virtue of its décor and  attitude of the friendly staff. And if you are a first timer, the staff generally gives you a tour of the place and helps with a comfortable place to seat, disseminating information about HRC as they help you find your place..Towards the left walking up about 4-5 steps on a heightened level is the bar with an open space which is also used like a dance floor by the people during packed house has a direct perpendicular view to the stage that hosts live performances ,so is a great place to book your place during concerts. I personally love this space, during shows, while the rest of the place is taken by tables and sofas..Towards the right of the entrance is another heightened level of space which gives a different feel again with laid back sofas .Like all other outlets, they have a stage for concerts and live performances which is one of their USP .I have been to of their live performances which gets a full house mostly and also been to their bollywood nights which again is like a breath of fresh air , away from the regular high voltage rock music..I have also been to  one of the new year’s party which again was a rocking night that exuded high voltage energy and great music.

They also have an upper level like most other outlets..however maybe architecturally it was not possible to create that level facing the stage unlike the Worli would have been fantastic had they managed to do that. Nevertheless the massive area gives you room for comfort and ease. Sophistication with an air of premium-ness and class that beckons you as you enter.Its classy and suave demeanor  shows in the entire decor as you marvel at the attires/ merchandise and accessorizes of famous rockstars adorning the wall covered by glass also pictures of rockstars,and with the hard rock music it signifies the attitude with resplendence as it prepares you for an acoustic evening.They also have their own merchandise store at  the entrance even before you proceed to the main area, and each server is well trained to coax(not force) to try out the stuff. HRC branded T shirts, Mugs, key chains and the like are all there for you to purchase in case you desire so

Also like all outlets their YMCA choreographed dance by the staff lifts you spirits up and effectuates your mood for the night.


FOOD ,QUALITY AND PRICING – As per the nostalgia and euphoria that this sophistication of HRC  imparts into the ambiance, the price is premium too..So if you desire to experience this aura of HRC  then you need to pay a premium..But worth it totally. Their legendary burgers are definitely not to be missed..huge burgers which cannot be finishes by a single person. While their kathi rolls tickle your desi taste buds ,The desserts area fine end to the entire experience ,and of course the drinks . pricey and expensive they scream premium .But its not so much for the food that you visit a HRC. Its for an experience or for the rock music if you are a fan .So complaining about food is inconsequential or irrelevant perhaps.That’s my view although I would like to recommend a  little more wider variety of food in their menu oferings..However they have hit the bulls eye with their set lunch buffet..An innovation at the product level, its a great initiative for attracting high footfalls and targeted to a new category of people perhaps. With a set menu, it has a blend of different dishes bunged up to make a fantastic meal for you.Done up with perfection from a brand”s perspective of atracting profits . I have a detailed review on their set buffet on another post
SERVICE-top class as per their global standards..suave, smart and dashing young servers with a welcoming stance  help you every moment with your needs..more then servers they try and build up a friendly rapport striking a conversation that leads you into a comfort zone..not much of interference they leave you to enjoy your time. Every time I walk in , I am welcomed with smiles and helped out to get my desired place.Even during a Saturday night or during live performance when there isnt a place to put your foot yet , the staff is friendly and manages to help you out.. The food obviously is outstanding and their legendary burgers ruling the with addition of newer Indian items on the list like kathi rolls , it definitely is commendable adding to the ease of various Palates and taste buds..the legendary burgers apart , i love their wraps and the desserts. But food really isnt the priority at HRC where the music rules translating the place into a party frenzied atmosphere..HC is one of those joints that you go to experience the aura, sophistication, and great music, not really the food.
Also like all outlets their YMCA choreographed dance by the staff lifts you mood up and sets the mood to shake a leg..
SUMMARY– To summarize, this is the big daddy of all joints with its brand name, it deserves a visit ,and with this Andheri outlet, because of its layout, its sheer massive area and the friendly attitude of the staff who ensure that you truly enjoy the experience of HRC, you need to visit the place.Be it on a regular day for the love of rock music, or for the set lunch buffet, or for a Bollywood night or merely on weekends to experience extravaganza and an electrifying energetic adventure of music and fun. You will not be disappointed is my guarantee.My overall ratings
Food-4/5(keeping a point away for any future innovation on the menu)

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