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The newest branch , the 6th in mumbai of the very popular chain of brand ‘Social’ opens its door to Andheri West…like all socials that are thematically different from each other, baring its brand identity and core image, this social transports to back to an age forgotten ,filmy from all possible contexts and a demeanor  that speaks of a vintage life and feel, a Bollywood era of the past and and retro image..This is what I view , as I got to see the place during the sneak peak pre launch party yesterday..With two mighty production houses, Yashraj and Balaji telefilms and a bevy of celebs who call Andheri West their abode, it is so apt to define a concept that screams ‘filmy’..rustic and arty , floral motifs in dark hues rules the theme with a part black white checkered floor..the crystal chandeliers give a glamorous edge to the retro lifestyle that seems to be depicted.
Located at fun republic ,Social now features in the indomitable list of joints that have sprang up in Andheri fact just within a radius of one km there are about seven joints ..with social now, the mall has three restro pubs with Irish house and harry’s already existent ,patronizing their loyal customers..Two minutes away ahead is the big daddy of all, Hard Rock Cafe and perpendicularly located is Doolaly while pump room factory being positioned as its fresh next door neighbour..These apart , the street also boasts of numerous restaurants including Copper Chimney and Vedge inside fun republic, while Barbeque nation , Sheesha and Zullu terrace right across. With such amazing places one is spoilt for choice literally .you wouldnt know where to celebrate an occasion.

While on  the brand ‘Social ‘,it really is amazing to see that in such a short span, a brand evolves out of no where with an unique thematic concept, warms out to the consumers, extends into varied branches and grows at a fast pace to become a national chain(almost) that is revered , respected and accepted by all types of crowd be it the office goers, the casual hipster or the youngsters..incredible..of course the affordable pricing makes a huge impact, imparting a strong influence on your decision of considering Social on your list of priority going out places. From a brand’s perspective they are already a winner. Although I still dont know how they mange to conjure up such a budget friendly menu

Decor – while social as a brand believes in thematic experience and differential rustic decor, every outlet is hugely different from the this one is  completely I was invited for the pre launch event  for a sneak peak of the new place, and I wasn’t sure of what to expect since i knew no social is similar in experience ,albeit the brand identity and USP that they have build the brand upon and its deliverables be it in music, or food or service.. overall, this one is aesthetically designed to define a lost/ forlorn  filmy era from Bollywood and depict a retro lifestyle with odes of images of film-stars adorning the wall and also a heightened stage that defines a soap opera concert , the red curtain signalling and signifying the the curtains opened up  for the live show, a performance by a  brand named ‘Aflatuns’, it almost captivates you with its resplendence and sheer feel of an retro era that spoke of such live shows defining a club for the mighty and filmy in an era that have been left behind .
For guys who are aware of the earths while ‘firangi pani ‘that was in fun republic, but shut down sometime back, social took over and replaced the same..i loved firangi paani too and actually am pretty surprised for its failure as a brand overall since it was a decent place to hang out..nevertheless,to be replaced by a better or a poplar chain is always social in its place made me exceedingly elated and smile with for me i knew about the place and as i entered, the layout of the entrance unchanged except the decor, I realized that they retained some of the earlier layout/architecture(obviously cutting down on expense) .especially the long and beautiful bar that once belonged to firangi paani on the left. Its the same bar but with  changed decor. The railing still exists dividing the bar from the big area that housed high tables and also has a line of sofas by the next wall that separates the area from the members area .A beautiful rectangular long table takes over one area which is just like a modern version of your office canteen with stunning chandeliers hovering over the table from the ceiling. They are just like the ones that anyone would love to own part of your living room decor..stunning and classy !..
The little heighted staged that has been created is probably going to be used for live concerts we witnessed a beautiful performance by the brand ‘aflatunes ‘for the night..reteireting the fact that technically it defines a filmy retro age,the domineering floral motifs with dark hues rules the place with a floral wallpaper on the ceiling too while the beautiful chandeliers create a majestic vintage look..artistically and aesthetically all perfect..clearly delineated  on the right side of the entrance is the  membership area which has a fine dining kind of a feel and  also boasts of  little cubicles for an intimate and romantic experience if you desire so.A little away from the music for you to enjoy a quieter sit down for your  evening perhaps or hold private parties..The only flaw that I see perhaps are the missing bar stools.You definitely need those stools by the bar.
Food- not different from the rest of the social, food is extremely affordable which is one of the strong reason for any social always being crowded..drinks are innovative and so it the food..But their USP obviously is the crockery and the dramatic representation of each dish that is unique and exquisite..the ‘chakna bitings’ that are usually relished with your drinks are showcased in a dabba or a steel tiffin box like the one that many of you would be carrying your lunch to work. Quirkiness defines its decor and design and  it reflects in its presentation at the table too..raw and rustic with a crisp quirkiness ..while the menu is designed to look like a 4 pager newspaper tabloid , rolled and kept on the table, the napkins get an unique identity and image  ..they are in the form of a tissue roll  and are branded  with their logo and initials..amazing..each dish is presented in an absolute rustic way like the chakhnas in a tiffin box  .
The honey chilli potatoes are presented in an oven like tray while my shawarma platter came in a rustic copper plate that usually signifies a dhaba style thali. The kerela coin parathas showed up in a beautiful funky tray so did the other dishes.. The punjabi breakfast platter is a must try if you are  a true Indian foodie.So is the unique anda sheekh laccha paratha. The cocktails were equally innovative and creatively driven. To conclude, the price was the most enterprising of all..of course the variety is equally satiating.
Quite enchanting and highly appreciable is what i will sum up it as..prompt service by the servers who respond with alacrity and makes you at ease , the price , music and decor all sums up to a perfect place.Yes, the music is loud, and for the night this is a cool place that you go out with friends for some cool drinks and shake a leg perhaps
 Social also proves that all trending popular pubs are just not places to hang out in the evenings as it has a varied and beautiful breakfast even on a lazy insignificant morning or perhaps an afternoon when you are at your nonchalant best , this place is a great option for a meal ..i know that some of the other socials are crowded even during the day  ..the ambiance, food and decor seems perfect to impress you ..henceforth, i am sure this social will also attract  good footfalls not just in the evenings  but during the day too..vivacious by nature and boisterous by identity is what defines this brand and we look to some enchanting , retro times .So welcome to Andheri West.
To all things filmy and Bollywood that defines Andheri West, social with its thematic ambiance that tries to pay a tribute to the vintage era of Bollywood is truly worth an applause.
My overall ratings
Ambiance -4
Food -4
Price -5

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