food contest winning recipe ‘sips of summer’ -Pomegranate guava cocktail

It was a pleasant surprise the other day when my name was announced as the winner of the “sips of summer’ contest held by the newly opened  Taj Santacruz. The gratifications in the numerous food contests these days are always a delight, which is a big motivator for me to participate, my love for cooking kept aside. Also the other fact that I get to challenge my creative skills and upgrade them to another level.

Some brands do work around their contest promotions very well. Either as an brand strategy objective of a new launch, a re launch or a sales promo initiative.Whatever it is, and to what extent it profits them either raking in  good sales or brand exposure, it is the food bloggers like me who are the ones excited.

To back up a bit, Taz Santacruz is the latest hotel by taj in Mumbai.It is located right in the premises of the domestic airport . And this contest is I believe one way of their promotions to attract traffic. Run across FB, Twitter and Instagram, they did manage to craete a spark and .

As of now its about my  winning recipe which is a tart, sharp, sweet and sour spicy pomegranate cocktail…inspired by a margarita style but infused with vodka..The contest was called as “sips of summer”, which merely; if elaborated translates to inventing a cocktail that’s refreshing and cool to beat the summer heat.A perfect summer cool drink to  start your evening on a celebratory note

A pomegranate guava cocktail is what I finally arrived with.. A sophisticated drink that’s capable enough to sparkle up your party  with just a few ingredients. With the hint of the spicy ginger it achieves a beautiful flavor that balances the odd pair of guava and pomegranate

Well, cocktails are always so simple that you hardly need a recipe or a book to refer to..You could almost mix up anything that you like, add your favorite alchohol and violaa! there, you have  a great drink to celebrate..

However, on hindsight , I think it also has to do with some it of creativity,, and a decent knowledge , an astute mind on the mix of drinks and the combinations of ingredients that could perhaps make way for an incredible exotic drink. With soda, without soda, what works best for which kind of paired combinations of drinks is up to your understanding and skills. And if its a fruit based cocktail, while it may seem easy to just pour out juices and add your favorite alcohol yet, the right kind of combinations is what is often an arduous task, that needs to be mastered. I know of many people and friends who are actually experts in preparing up a great drink.. Not many can do that ,. For me, while I try out differently combos of juices, alcohols, sodas and liqueurs, what pairs well is often left to my imagination and at times it fails to create that magic in the glass.

However, this drink was a sure shot winner. resulting in me winning the contest.
Although an odd pair of pomegranate and guava doesn’t seem too enticing on a write up, yet with a hint of lime that creates a slight zing and that piquant taste of vodka seals it off…And then replacing sugar with honey was truly bliss.An exotic drink so to say.

2 cups pomegranates juice
1 cup guava juice
1/2 cup vodka
2 tbsp ginger juice
1/3rd cup honey(or as you desire)
lime juice- a little
ice cubes


  • Combine all the ingredients except ice cubes together in a jar and shake well
  • Pour into individual glasses
  • Top it up with ice cubes and enjoy

Vodka and lime combined with the juices work out to a great combination that forms a slight sweet and sour concoction.. An ultimate cooler to beat the heat.. A little unconventional, with the strong sourness of the vodka and the juicy blend of the guava and the pomegranate; its a great way to start your home party with this refreshing drink. And if you want to go a little fancier, chunks of pomegranate seeds can do wonders to this simple cocktail.



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