Orange Tea Cake

Orange Tea Cake

So here I am, with one of my mom”s signature cake recipes. The tea cake flavoured with orange juice.
For years before the internet entered India and we had no access to cooking guides except maybe the recipes that featured in magazines ,this is a cake invented during those days. For years, this was her most famous cake along with the chocolate version , the taste and texture even better then a cake bought from a bakery perhaps, well on second thoughts no bakery could boast of or even invented such cakes then. Bakeries had their typical type of pound cakes, with a distinct taste and a discerning flavor. Hence, my mom’s cake was a beautiful, gorgeous looking simple yet delicious cake that was a welcome change and could beat the best store bought cakes with its soft moistness and intense flavor of the fresh orange juice
This orange cake scored over all the forms of tea cakes by its standards, texture and most importantly the flavor of the fresh orange juice.The underline of the orange flavor in fact was subtle yet dominating. The orange rind gives a slight zing into the taste as you bite into it.Coupled with the flavor of the cardamons it screams ecstasy..perfect as your tea cake..moist and light with the sweetness of the oranges
So for me this was and is still the best tea cake for me .Homemade and gorgeous, it gives out a perfect taste, that which is so different then the bakeries or patisseries. So ,happy teatime childhood memories is what this moist spongy cake reminds me of..My memories of my mother baking the most decadent, soft and moist orange cake in our bajaj oven,that’s engulfed in my memories of food diaries…And 40 mins seemed like eternity then, waiting eagerly for the cake to come out of the oven..The hard and crisp top of the cake that would be so enticing ,I could hardly wait for the cake to cool down and would often prick the crumb and keep breaking it of in small bits trying to taste,,that was the urgency and desire to devour the first bite ..Till date and maybe till that day I am alive this will remain my most favorite tea cake, the aroma of the freshly bake cake dissipating though the kitchen , the alluring flavor of the orange juice and the fine texture of the cake crumb that goes perfectly with a cup of tea..So simple and delicious, it rarely needs any frosting and can be stored for several days ..
Am detailing the quantities of a two  egg and 4 eggs cake .While my mother’s signature cake consisted of the 4 egg cake always, I stick to the 2 eggs one.Although I think the 4 egg cake tastes much better.
Refined flour -1 cup( replace 2 bsp with 2 tbsp counflour)
Baking powder -1 tsp
Sugar -3/4th cup
Orange juice-1/2 to 3/4th cup
Butter -1/4 cup
Crushed cardamon -2
Cinnamon powder -pinch
Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
Orange rind-1 tbsp
You can make a 4 eggs cake as well by increasing the ingredients to exact double quantity..That’s the original cake, but I made a 2 egg one since I wanted a smaller cakeThe inclusion of the cornflour is what makes the cake fluffy and soft..That’s typically what is called “cake flour” nowadays..

  • Sieve the flour, cornflour and baking powder together and keep aside. Sieving gives a perfect texture`
  • Mix the sugar and butter/oil and beat till the sugar dissolves
  • Add eggs , vanilla essence and beat well
  • Add the mix of flour and baking powder and beat
  • Add orange juice slowly along with the flour and keep beating the batter until smooth
  • Add the orange rind and crushed cardamom and beat well`
  • Grease a baking pan with butter and preheat under 200 degrees
  • Pour the batter into  the pan and bake for 35-40 mins until done
  • Prick the cake with a toothpick to see if done.
At times I put the cake for 35 mins on 180 degrees and then increase the temperature to 200 degrees for the last 5 minutes to get a crisper top .That works fine too`
Absolutely gorgeous ,the intense flavor of the fresh orange juice and the crushed cardamons blends beautifully to arrive at a discerning aroma .Flaky and soft, light and fluffy, the alluring ,seductive flavor is just perfect. A cup of warm tea with pieces of orange tea cake is perfect for your afternoon zing.They are so amazing that you wont stop at one piece for sure.An orange flavored moist treat for your accompaniment with your cup of tea anytime during the day.




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