Ice-cream Cake

A cake, an ice-cream, or a Sundae ,however you want to dissect and relish this most amazing melt- in -the -mouth kind of a party dessert ,in simpler terms or for lack of good words perhaps; it is the most easiest ,delicious ,decadent and basic form of a chocolate cake sandwiched with soft ice-cream  and covered with a beautiful frosting ,in short an ICE CREAM CAKE as  the world names it.
One look on the internet and you will find  an indomitable list of ice-cream cakes but categorized into two types ,one that’s made with cake crumb and the other with cookies-butter crumb which follows the no- bake treatment..whatever you choose to follow, the ultimate result is an awesome and the most decadent of cakes that you could bite into.Not much of baking skills required here since its just the combo and paring of great ingredients and assembling technique.


For me I choose to go ahead with the basic cake and followed with ice-cream and butter cream frosting. Once you know what you are doing you can add in anything that you like candies, cookies sprinkle to make a fancier finish to your  cake..just layer them up as you like.






But a look at my pic probably doesn’t give you that feel or look for the reason that my cake wasn’t ready as yet when relished during my house party last weekend.I couldn’t even take it off from the springboard ring since it wasn’t hard enough and hence couldn’t cover up the sides with frosting..But no complaints, since ice-cream and cake as a combo never fails, hence it was a great hit nonetheless. But of course with frosting across sides , the visual appeal is a delight. So that’s something which is important to understand..the freezing time, which ideally needs overnight freezing.A trick that I learnt and which is the most important technique that goes into the preparation of this cake.If you falter ,the cake looses its firmness and texture . So be prepared if you want to make this cake.You will need at least 5 hours of freezing time and then overnight freezing as well if you want that perfect ice-cream cake, firm and strong to be adorned  with frosting.


While the making is rather simple, the assembling and technique of preparation is the key.It needs freezing at every step as you shall see in my method of preparation below.
Honestly the ice-cream cake has been my bugbear for fear of the ice-cream melting before due time.But since i had a house party that called for a  birthday celebration I coaxed myself to try and exorcise the devils in me and went ahead with  a leap of faith..and ended up with the confidence of a prolific baker




All purpose flour -1.5 cups
Baking powder -1.5 tsp
Baking soda -1/2 tsp
Sugar -1 cup
Cocoa powder -1/5 cup
Eggs -2
Vanilla essence-1 tsp
A pinch of salt
Milk -1 cup
Ice-cream(Vanila/Cocolate/vanila choco swirl)-1 tub.I used vanilla choco swirl with choco chips


Springboard ring pan that can be opened from the base



You could do with either whipped cream or butter frosting.I used buttercream frosting
Butter-1/4 cup
Icing sugar-1 cup
Warm water-few drops


choco chips- 3 cups or more
Plz note: A springboard tin pan that can be opened from the base is a must for this cake.You will not be able to take the cake out and in from the pan otherwise
  • Take a bowl and beat eggs and butter together. Add oil , powdered sugar and vanilla essence
  • In another bowl, shift the flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, and cocoa powder and mix well
  • Pour the dry ingredients  into the wet mixture and mix well by adding milk  to form a cake like consistency
  • Preheat the oven under 180 C
  • Take a greased baking pan, add the batter and bake for 35 mins until a toothpick inserted comes clean
  • When the cake cools, take out the cake from the springboard ring by opening it from the bottom so that the base can open out. Cut the cake thinly in between and keep the top layer aside
  • Take out the ice cream from the freezer and keep it outside for it to melt and soften.You will need to put in layers over the cake and a hard ice-cream is difficult to pour
  • Take the springboard ring and put back the base layer of the cake that you just cut. Now on top of this layer , scoop the soft icing over it into a thick layer. Smooth it out with a spatula or hand making it even and all around the pan.
  • Keep the cake back in the freezer for about 15 mins for the ice-cream to set and harden slightly
  • Take it out after 15 min and press the second layer of cake  over the ice-cream layer on the cake. Now you have two layers of cake sandwiched with a thick layer of ice -cream. What thickness you want of the ice-cream layer and the cake layers is upto you. You can keep all the layers of the same height or thickness or make a thicker layer of ice -cream in between thin layers of cake. You could even go upto many layers of ice-cream and cake
  • Now cover and freeze the cake for a good 3 to 4 hours for the ice-cream and cake to harden and stay firm
  • Meanwhile prepare the butter icing just  before you take out the cake from the freezer(after 4 hours). Mix butter, icing sugar, and water to form a frosting
  • Once the icing is ready, take out the cake from the freezer and open the springboard pan quickly to take out the cake. Cover the entire cake from top and sides with frosting very quickly and sprinkle it on all sides with choco chips. Put it back into the springboard tin pan and cover and keep it back in the freezer. If you can keep it overnight, you cake will be firm and solid the next day.
  • Take it out only when you are ready to serve or cut the cake.If you desire you can pour additional chocolate sauce over the cake before serving on each slice letting the sauce dribble over and mixing gloriously with the ice-cream and butter frosting.
Absolutely decadent and ice cold,you need to take out the cake just before you are ready to cut  or serve otherwise the ice-cream would start melting. The freezing time,temperature is all that matters to keep that cake ice solid ..


One bite and I guarantee that your guests will rave about this dessert and will be shocked at your baking and more so creativity skills..its not always that you can make this and hence for special occasions or celebrating moments of life this surely is a treat and a great way of creating memories of yum..And even if the cake melts you still can devour it like a dessert or a sundae..cake with ice-cream with a topping of chocolate sauce..but why talk of it melting? As a cake ;this is by far one of the best cakes that I think has been invented and if you have kids ruling your party this is going to warm the room with screams of joy and wide smiles..not just kids but every one would be overwhelmed and will go back in awe and wonder of relishing something exquisite,sinful gooey and truly next time for your house event , instead of serving ice-cream and cake as separates,just pair them up and create your party centrepeice !


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