Halloween spooky cake pops

So Halloween is over..While the city was flooded with Halloween parties and events, we were spoilt for choice..Amazing that even the city of Mumbai celebrates this western event with so much of glam and grandeur.
But as an afterthought I think its about an event, and getting a decent ROI from a product perspective. The clubs and events organizers gain enough and more profits just by hosting an event.And with the advent of the ever growing social media, it is so very easy to glamorize any event making is the must visit event of the season in the eyes of the reader..Nevertheless ,that’s on my belief of celebrating Halloween in India where this wasnt an event that was celebrated few years back.
But of course with digitization  and social media we are so well connected to the world and hence ,this beautiful spooky spirit of happiness makes us smile too ,in glee.
One look at  the internet and you will be exposed to the hoards of Halloween events.Two things that are synonymous with the event is costumes and the food…Spooky snacks and desserts are everywhere..And its so much fun to be able to work out some scary desserts.In fact the cup cakes and the recent invention of the so called “cake pops” are of prime importance..An instant hit with kids is what my belief is on the cake pops. Ubiquitous is their influence in the directory of desserts is my belief on “cake pops”. Every bakery or cafe will show you with pride some of their famous “cake pops”. And how much every you look at them with awe, they are the most easiest to make at home. A little creativity and you can just transform them into spooky little desserts as well like I did
Nothing but balls of cake/biscuit crumble mixed with chocolate spread  holding strongly by  lollipop sticks and hence the name cake pops..But awesome invention.Spooky, scary and yet beautiful
Nutella/or any other chocolate spread- 1 to 2 tbsp
Oreo Biscuits- 1 packet(you can take more also depending on the size of the balls you want to make)
Cooking chocolate- 500 gms melted
Lolypop sticks or tooth picks
Food color- 1 drop(Green)
Candy eye Balls-( you get them at stores)


  • Break the oreo biscuits into small pieces and blend them in  a blender to  a powdery form
  • Mix nutella to this mixture and shape them into balls . You can keep them in the fridge for them to harden for a while
  • Take them out in 10 minute and insert a lolypop stick into them till half of the ball and keep them in the fridge again
  • Meanwhile , melt the chocolate in a double boiler or a microwave
  • Here, if you want a green colored zombie look, you can add the drop of food color
  • Take out the cake pops, dip and roll them in the melted chocolate .Shake off the excess chocolate and keep them standing in a sheet like you can see on the above pic.If you don’t have a sheet like this, you can also keep them standing in a glass perhaps.
  • Take two candy balls and pop them as eyes into the cake pops and let them dry . You can keep them inside the fridge for a while
  • And if you want a dirty and spooky looking zombie ,you can leave the chocolate with a little unfinished look over the cake cops and not very smooth. I left the green one eyed zombies with a dirty and unfinished look while the chocolate cake pops had a fine and smooth look
  • Take them out once the party starts and see the fun unleashing amongst the kids


Incredibly luscious, decadent and spooky, these are ,as you read through are so easy that it just takes perhaps 10 minutes to wrap up. And super fun too..If you have kids at home , you can ask them to help you make them too.In fact they would be more then excited to make them .Perfect to go for a kddies party, they will be the heroes of the party is my promise. While hoards of spooky recipes are available on the net for your Halloween theme parties, yet these I think are by far the easiest to make .And super fun too..The kids will love them. Not much fuss and hard work, no baking technique involved they are just perfect. Feelings of awe and fun unlimited . Relish them as just “cake pops” or decorate them on your birthday cake as “cake toppers”. Either ways its an bbsolute kiddie indulgence.

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