Aloo Kulcha Recipe

Aloo Kulchas! They are my favorite Indian breads on any eating out session especially if it’s an Indian meal .Know not why, but the taste, texture really appease me more then any of the other Indian breads, even more then its cousin; the Naan.

Although like many people I still am not sure of the thin line of difference between naan and the kulcha/. Both are celebrated indian flatbreads with Naan being the commercially more popular one amongst the two, yet majorly, both of them are similar in the making.In fact many make it the same way at least when they make the naan without the yeast version.

Both can be  made  over the gas stove and some even use a similar process although naan isnt supposed to be made totally on the tawa like a kulcha is made. You need a tandoor for a perfect naan. but yes, at home both naan and kulchas if made without yeast follows almost the same process of cooking technique, the only difference is in the last part of its cooking process over the tawa.You can check the tawa version of naan in my post

And from the kitchen directory of rules , naan ideally is made with yeast while kulchas does not need yeast but uses baking powder and soda.

For the health conscious souls, these kulchas aren’t an exactly healthy option , the base being made of white flour, hence most often I substitute it with whole wheat flour .Whenever I feel my taste buds needs to be satiated with something exciting, away from the monotony of the daily dose of chapatis, these kulchas are my best option to liven up my dining table.

I have adapted the this kulcha recipe from www.veg recipesofindia for the base. Made my own filling though and added a little onions for the crunch.

Beautiful and gorgeous with a professional touch these are almost like restaurant bought kulchas.  When monotony of the same rotis in your daily meals hit boredom, these are a great savior and can lift even a very boring meal just with its taste. Its own taste has the capacity to even camouflage a not so interesting subji perhaps, so much so that I love having them on its own as well.But for a convert to a luxurious meal at home, la restaurant style, these are the perfect choice to go for.

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Aloo /Onion Kulcha
Aloo Kulcha is a delicious Indian flat bread like aloo paratha that pairs best with a bowl of chole. In fact chole kulche is a delicacy in North India. But unlike parathas, kulcha uses all purpose flour and hence is much softer. Curd and baking soda is used to give it a soft and fluffy texture. A potato filling is stuffed hence the name aloo kulcha. Absolutely easy to make this can be made in your regular tava on gas stove at home.
Recipe type: Roti/Parathas/Kulcha/Naan/Indian Flat Breads
Cuisine: Indian
  • Maida(All purpose flour) 3 cups
  • baking powder 1 to 1.5 tsp
  • baking soda ⅛th tsp
  • Sugar1 tbsp
  • salt 1 tsp
  • Curd ½ cup
  • Water as required
  • Oil ¼th cup
  • Ghee (optional) 1 tsp
  • For Filling
  • Potatoes 2 boiled and mashed
  • Onions 1 chopped and fried(optional)
  • garam masala 1 tsp
  • cumin powder 1 tsp
  • coriander powder1 tsp
  • red chilly powder1/2 tsp
  • aamchur powder1/2 tsp
  • green chillis chopped One
  • coriander leaves few
  • Mix all of them above into a mixture.
  • I usually fry the mixture in a little oil.Gives a beautiful taste
  1. Knead the maida with all the ingredients into a soft dough.
  2. Keep it covered for about 2 hours
  3. Knead it again and make mall small flat balls
  4. Roll it out into a small roti, place a little of the stuffing and seal the edges from all sides.
  5. Now roll it out again into a flat roti which is not too thin nor thick.
  6. Place few nigella seeds and coriander leaves on one side and roll the rolling pin over it
  7. In a tawa, place the kulcha and fry on both sides on low flame with butter/oil until done

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