Pizza Style Cheesy McCain Smileys

So here I am, with just an hour to ring  the deadline, I am scurrying around to finish off my self- invented McCaain Smileys recipe that which will go as an entry for the  McCain Smileys’s “Lets put a smile on that face”  Contest
For the unknown, McCain is one of the most popular brands for frozen snacks and starters. Especially, the ‘smileys’ and the ‘fries’ are their hot sellers. Not to mention that ‘smileys’ has become synonymous with the name McCain and is always an absolute must for kiddies parties.Feelings of glory and glee with big smiles is what captures a child’s face with these beautiful smileys, no wonder the apt name ‘Smileys” . As a brief, smileys are delicious frozen mashed potatoes which are given the shape of happy smileys .They are supposed to relished as beautiful fried snacks and most often savored with a glorious dip of mayo/tarter/ranch or our very own tomato ketchup. For elaborate details and a look into their products you can check their link


 Even as I had ideas of a lazy Sunday , I just couldn’t not write my post..How could I not share my most loved recipe.A dish primarily invented once during a kids’s house party was so much of a hit that few of the mothers actually took back the recipe with them and further used this as a highlight in their own house parties. Pure excitement, glee, and smiles ruled the party. And I was hailed as the biggest contributor to the smiles that tinkled on the faces of the little ones. Smiley’s being one of the most loved snacks amongst kids, this dish was powerful enough to take their highs to a different level..Smiles on a kid’s face is worth a zillion bucks isnt it???It has the power to evoke big warm smiles even from the most unresponsive and isolated kid in a party.
These McCain smileys has always been one of my most favorite party snacks, always..But yes, the deep fried version which was the only option earlier was an apprehension, hence it usually featured as part of my grocery bag not very often.But the power of the taste is so supreme that I bet anyone not touching a piece of these beautiful wonders at a party..they are the first to be devoured off. That’s how popular these are.

But now , with my new Airfryer, relishing  frozen and deep fried food has become almost a habit. Really it creates wonders .

So when I read about this awesome contest I was sure I would cook up something nice.But with work and festivities around, I somehow never could manage time until today and with just an hour to go  , I am trying my best to cook up a perfect dish.
Nevertheless, I love McCaain Smileys and I do love cheese, so what best then a combination of baked cheesy smileys, a la pizza style..A recipe that has been a hit during house parties,not to mention the huge smiles that it manages to bring on every kid’s face.

As a starter or a meal this is truly incredible. While most often smileys are used as snacks dipped either with tomato ketchup or some kind of tarter, mayo or ranch dressing dip or perhaps topped with sour cream, this is a fuller meal in itself. Lovers of pizza will go suckers for the awesome and familiar taste and texture.

And with a beautiful blend of varied cheeses, it just creates magic. An undertone of a  familiar taste of the most authentic Italian Pizza, the smileys lend a beautiful texture ,blending perfectly with the sauce and the melting cheese.

20 smileys or as it fits into your baking tray
cheddar cheese-1 cup
Mozzarella cheese-1 cup
feta cheese-1 cup
Parmesan- 1/3rd cup
Fresh Basil-Few
Pizza Sauce-Half a can
Oregano-for garnishing
Chilly flakes- for garnishing
olive oil/cooking spray for brushing
  • Fry the smileys. You can use the deep frying method or use the Airfryer
  • Mix the feta cheese and basil and keep aside
  • Mix cheddar and Mozzarella cheese and keep aside
  • Add some cooking spray or olive oil on your baking tray
  • Place a layer of smileys as the base
  • Pour a layer of the Pizza sauce over the smileys
  • Add a layer of feta cheese mixture
  • Top with the mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheese
  • Now add another layer of smileys over it
  • Continuing with the same process, add a layer of sauce
  • Add the feta cheese and basil mix
  • Now top with a final layer of cheddar and mozzarella cheese
  • Top with some Parmesan and basil to finish
  • Bake for about 20 mins in 180 degrees until the cheese melts
  • Serve warm and hot
Absolutely gorgeous,and incredibly cheesy , it is one of the most amazing home made cheesy wonders I must say. You can’t fail if you get your cheeses right. The combo of the potatoes and the cheese with the pizza sauce works gloriously to create a distinct flavor of the all so Italian Pizza.The fresh basil just seals the taste of a margarita thin crust pizza. Cheddar and mozzarella blends well to create a fantastic texture just like in a pizza. Top it with some oregano and red chilly flakes and you a have a winner in your hands. By the end of your house event you will catapult yourself to the level of a prolific chef ,guaranteed. Your guests will keep wanting for more and if its a kiddies party, then its a sure shot winner. If you want pure fun and excitement then your search ends here.You will have the most satisfying house party with guests gushing about this recipe for sure..Pure indulgence I say. Cheesy, crispy and yummy!!! Smileys will rule your party!!!


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