Fish Eggs(unprocessed caviar) fritters/Fish Roe fritters


Fish eggs!!!A delicacy amongst the eastern belt of the country.Especially the Rohu fish eggs..Simple and fried like fritters with just a few ingredients ;they are a craze in the gastronomy of the Assamese and Bengali cuisines.

Now, if for any reason,the mention of these delectable fish eggs connotes to the exotic caviar by your dictionary, let me tell you that these are not those processed caviars which are used as a glorious spread in  exotic dishes that which is a delight in the dictionary of gourmet cooking.Utterly expensive that evokes luxurious dining and wealthy living.The eggs that I am talking here are essentially the unprocessed eggs (Roe) that are found  in the river water fishes like Rohu.In fact Rohu fish eggs are the best in terms of taste.These eggs are a delicacy only in the Eastern side of the country mainly Assam and West Bengal. I remember during my childhood, mom would actually try and buy the Rohu fishes that seemed to have eggs for us, which actually would not be frequently available.  Eggs found in the fish meant yummy fritters at the dining table. Totally irresistible.Crispy, chewy, yummy made with onions and  an undertone of chilly and spice .

Deep fried is how it lends them their perfect taste;crispy and yummy.But yes; for the rest of the people this might be an acquired taste . A little uninitiated ,a little raw and unearth and could be a little disturbing for a few yet this has been a treat from the Assamese cuisine like every cuisine has their own treat..Perhaps not so popular , and  not introduced commercially,with its distinctive taste and texture, it continues unanimously as a cultural delicacy.

So for me this has been one of my most loved appetizers since my growing up years.And so is the case I believe with most people of  Assamese and Bengali Origins.Made in a jiffy, these are super easy and quick and usually eaten with your meals, like a starter or relished with Dal and Rice.



  • Fish eggs-As per the eggs of 1 fish( I took 1 cup)
  • Salt-as per taste
  • Onions- 1 chopped
  • Coriander leaves-few chopped
  • Green chillies-1 to 2 chopped
  • Riceflour/besan-1 tbsp
  • Ginger chopped (optional)-1 tbsp
  • Oil for frying
  • Turmeric Powder(optional)-1/4th tsp, I didnt use

  • Mix all the Ingredients together
  • Ensure that you dont break the eggs and make the batter very smooth
  • Take a deep pan and add oil
  • When smoking hot ,drop spoonfuls of the batter into the pan
  • Fry them under medium flame on  both sides until done.Ensure that you press them slightly on both sides so that there is even frying from inside. Deep frying is the best technique which arrives at the desired taste.
Deep frying v/s Grilled :However, due to the amount of oil consumed in the deep frying process, I usually make them in my grilling pan or sandwich maker..Both ways tastes gloriously amazing with very less oil used.While deep frying ;which is the original way of arriving at crispy fritters, the modern version of cooking them in minimum oil in the grill pan is great too.Either ways ,these are awesome treats .
A chewy texture and a little meaty with the undertone of granular feel these are unique, exquisite and specifically authentic to the traditional gastronomy of the eastern culture..A tad different but a whole lot of crispiness gives it one of the most gorgeous starters in the family of non veg starters and is one of the less known or not spoken about dishes which I feel deserves some praise, fame and popularity
Surely it stands tall as a fine discovery of a distinctive  taste developed from a  blend of unique ingredients  and definitely  needs a try ..popularity and fame is just a try away since the taste, texture is at its best to compete with any other non veg  starters.

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