An unique tale of Chinese Biryani!!!!

As I write my  second experience that tops my list of unique and absurd  food ordering experiences I still wonder on the ability of brands (restaurants in this case) who exist for the sake of making money.Is this a case of making fast money as it comes or delivering a brand promise through good quality service??
Well, like my earlier post written for the contest on where we are asked to pen down our  unique experiences and surprises of food ordering that which aren’t too comforting and perhaps fall under experiences that we believe should not encounter us in future , this post follows in similar lines and is written for the said contest as well.  Sponsored by Tiny Owl, this is a unique way of sharing experiences and can be used as sample data for tiny owl or any other food ordering apps. Really cool I must say. To begin with , yes , i do order via Tiny Owl since I already have the app installed , so far its been fair and just in terms of service with no complaints. Its made my life easier. All I need to do is browse the restaurants and type of food and order as per my convenience.Maybe these posts from myriad bloggers via the contest would act as a directory of service parameters for them .So its all on the positive side.
Now as I delineate and recount  my experience, it actually was a case of carelessness or perhaps lack of discipline or vision  on the part of the said restaurant .Maybe I should have stopped ordering form this joint.You know when there are an avalanche of options in your area you are spoilt for choice.  Andheri West has an indomitable list of food joints ranging from Italian, Mexican ,Indian etc not to mention the healthy options of low calorie diet food options. So home delivery options is too hard to resist.Easy and comforting to please your temptation for good food.
In this entire list of joints, there are a handful of smaller joints that take advantage and thrive on the growing usage and popularity of home delivery options..You know while ordering you don’t think too much of the ambiance but focus mainly on the menu and the type of food,at times an unique name attracts promise and a unique taste..Only when we are out to dine we are careful about the ambiance, the crowd, and the type of food of course. Its so easy to order today which is why I must have ordered from most of the joints around my area of residence..Now while the delivery time taken is a major issue at least on days hunger reigns supreme and you are not sure of how long they take, on those days I often would try and order from a nearby restaurant, irrespective of the ambiance(of course i have my own parameters of categorizing the type of restaurants). Now like i said, there are a proliferation of small joints that have cropped up in new residential or commercial areas. Andheri West being one of the fastest developed areas with a high commercial viability and financial stability saw the rise of many a joints.
Even small joints with fancy names would look super attractive as far as their menu is concerned. Design a fancy menu,with international names of dishes , add to it some low calorie options and there; you sum it up to one of the most interesting list of joints to order your next meal from.’
Now on this particular weekend, when i knew the delivery time on a  weekend dinner takes a lot more time then a regular day, i thought of taking the safe option of calling for my meal from a  nearby restaurant.
Chinese being one of my favorite food which never tires me ,was what was  on my mind.Considering it was a weekend and most restaurants would take more the the regular time to deliver ,I setteled for a nearby not so fancy option of a Restaurant named Bamboo Pot. They weren’t the best Chinese restaurant in town but with a decently balanced taste..Also a normal fried rice and  a chicken gravy cannot be that bad even from a small time joint is my belief..How bad can it be.. Having more then an average knowledge on food, I know that they are the easiest of all Chinese options to cook up and cannot  falter.   Had ordered earlier and although not perfectly exotic or classy, it was decent for the palate.  ..At times even the roadside Chinese stalls make such amazing dishes that i wonder what’s their secret.Ultimately its all about the chinese sauce that imparts the said effect.That’s what Chinese cooking is all about. So with that convincing talk with my conscience I chose to order my food..And suddenly my eyes feasted on the last page of the menu that mentioned “Biryani”..I realized that they started an extension of Indian cuisine too. A little weird is what I thought since Indian cuisine available at a Chinese restaurant seemed little unnerving..Never mind…I love Biryani, so why bother??Stylishly designed to attract; the menu narrated  different kinds of biryani..Confusion ruled my mind..chinese or biryani???Biryani by far is my all time favorite food..I can eat it for days.So suddenly Chicken biryani was the flavor that ruled my mind and that which seemed enticing..My taste buds changed to the aromatic indian spicy Chicken boneless biryani..So yes , it was chicken Biryani that I finally ordered.
It came as promised, super quick since it was in the vicinity. Now; to mention about this joint, it was just the sole joint in this area many years back with not much of takers perhaps. Suddenly with the development in this area  and with the existence of hi- rise buildings by renowned developers, productions house,and commercial buildings with well known office representation ;the need for food joints gained prime importance.Of course there are the high end restaurants but not always can your order from a supremely expensive joint. So a classic case of capitalizing  and cashing on the demand or need of the hour, this joint started getting heavy downpour of requests. Soon their take away menu changed from a  simple plain and boring look to a high quality thicker paper with a creatively appealing design .The menu expanded with more dishes, the prices increased and so did their their cuisines. From being authentically Chinese they also added Indian food and especially Biryani to their menu..Fine by their standards perhaps although I cant understand the Indian list of menu in an traditional Chinese  restaurant.It never does justice to the cuisine.. This needs a special note for you to realise the  reason by the end of this tale.Whatever the case might be ,that wasn’t important since, for me; my order reaching on time was priority .
Biryani although difficult to crack as a recipe is also easily made by camouflaging the flaws with rose water and saffron..That’s the trick..The flavor is the key..That seals the taste of biryani..Even the roadside biryani in the name of mixed rice and veggies are good to go. So no Biryani can be disgusting is my belief(point to be noted).
So like I assumed, it being in the neighborhood made its promise of delivering on time… Quick to savor my favorite food, I sat down  to satiate my craving for that enchanting plate of Biryani.
Looked authentic and smelled nice..Beautifully wrapped in a plastic bowl, the masalas and the chicken were beautifully covered by the rice on top and looked well balanced
As I dipped my spoon to take out the chicken and mix with the rice ,it somehow didn’t seemed too comforting..There wasn’t the aroma that represented a biryani..never mind, for me i love my biryani..One big mouthful and as I started feeling the chewy texture something was amiss.. The masala that coated the rice didn’t seemed right. And aghast , I was shocked to see a Chinese manchurian spice coated masala mixed with the rice!!!! The rice was topped with coriander and mint leaves like the features of a regular biryani, while it had an underneath layers of chicken Manchurian balls with onion and tomato based masala…What was this?????? I was too stunned to even believe that something like this can be invented….A mix of biryani and Manchurian chicken, it was a complete disaster..Ok, let me explain explicitly..To give it an authentic look, the rice was topped with coriander and mint leaves with fried onions. Beneath it had a layer of chicken pieces coated with masala. Now this masala was a complete shocker.. While the masala in Indian terms has a certain  style, what the guys did was maybe take out the Manchurian balls from the gravy or perhaps used the dry Manchurian balls ,mixed them with a little fried paste of tomatoes and onions so that it was complete disaster of sorts in terms of taste. Chinese mixed with Indian cuisine. So while you could bite into coriander leaves mixed with the rice, underneath as you bite the chicken pieces it will leave you with the taste of a chicken manchurian gravy .. And just imagine the Manchurian balls mixed in our regular paste of onion tomato and mixed with steamed rice..How does it taste? Am sure even the imagination would make you shriek.. I didn’t know whether to laugh , cry or scream or even fight…I mean i wasn’t really angry, but speechless ;for in my life ,I haven’t had this version of biryani…A Chinese style biryani of all sorts so to say!!! I mean who would have thought of this version anyways????Fusion is great but not this way!!!The fact that they thought of it and could believe that they could get away with it with their customers needs serious guts !!!and that’s what made me fall off my chair..disbelief and shock with the fact that someone can do that..There was no point even putting up a fight but I needed to really know..for my sake ,for my satisfaction. I needed logic to this “khichri ” of all sorts!!! I mean everything that we do or say or build upon is based on some logic and even if it is not, yet there is an answer that justifies the same..I cant believe there could be any answer to this combo of sorts..I just couldn’t understand..Being a food blogger and a a good cook myself I thought I needed to know the reason of this invention, of trying to entice customers with their most strange invention of the world.. As I shook my head in disbelief and smiled to myself, i picked up the phone to connect to the manager of the restaurant..And when asked about this fusion marriage between Indian and Chinese cuisines,the man on the other side was very cool, in fact he sounded so nice in his words, simple, sincere and honest..Said, that perhaps the cook must have cooked the biryani in the same kadhai that Chicken Manchurian was made and perhaps forgot to wash it….Sorry next time we will take care!!!! He very clearly said that Manchurian balls are not used but if they were then perhaps the chef must have forgotten and put them instead of regular indian chicken!!!! Forgotten???? Whoa… what is that???? I was so stunned that i didn’t even have a next question to ask..he spoke with so much of grit and sincerity that I wasn’t sure what to do next..
Well the reason I called was to look for an answer and as I hung up I was still not sure and convinced..Not convinced on his explanation and in disbelief that a restaurant can even have such explanations up their sleeves..On a macro level which this is a clear thumbs down for any upcoming brand or a brand that which looks at expansion, but on a lighter note ,it was the most hilarious experience of food ordering for me..Of course from that day until now i have never ordered biryani from them even during emergency!!!no..never..
Having used food apps and otherwise also food ordering services pretty often like i did tonight as well, using tiny owl , which was fantastic experience,yet this incident tops my list of strangest ever experience apart from my pizza hut experience till date. An unique, explicit experience, a little sour but that which brings a smile to my face in sheer disbelief..In fact it was such an uniqueness that I actually want you to experience to believe it .It is something that needs an experience .
From a restaurant’s perspective, its a complete failure of all sorts and can fall into the category of a very very bad service and quality, however ;since this contest is about an experience and not so beautiful surprises, this does fall into one of the most weird and out of the box experience for me.In plain words its just unique and weird, a case of bad fusion, somewhat mystifying but yet something that was totally unexpected and hilarious..With a feeling of bewilderment I was left amused and bemused…True to the tagline of the contest I am better off without a surprise or incidence of this nature!!!
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