Potato Biryani Gravy

Side (potato) gravy for Biryani

Like I mentioned in my earlier post of a Biryani Rice recipe  you will need a gravy that compliments the biryani rice which will seal the perfect taste of a biryani.

While any gravy made with perfection tastes great, yet , to match the taste of the biryani rice , the gravy needs to be smeared with spices that a biryani boasts of. The meat /veggies in a biryani are prepared with certain spices that which combines with the rice and the whole spices to make an enchanting succulent biryani.

So here, while our rice has all the ingredients of  the biryani spices, we need to start working on the side gravy which also should be flavored with the specific herbs and spice. And since our rice is plain i wanted a vegetable curry and not a plain side gravy. Now i dont know if actually such a recipe exists or not, i m sure it doesn’t but its my own invention of a curry that which i think blends with the flavor of biryani so well. As a  side gravy, while i added potatoes, you can sue any other veggies and for the non vegetarians , chicken marinated and cooked would be just so right. You wouldn’t want to cook up a full fledged biryani the hard way when u hv the option of cooking up such an amazing side gravy in a no fuss method with your biryani rice that which is a new find too


Potatoes boiled- 2 to 3
Curd – 1/ 2 cup well beaten
sugar- 1 tsp
salt as per taste
oil- 1 tsp
fried onions- 1/2 cup
ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp
red chilli powder- 1/2 tsp
turmeric powder- 1/4th powder
cumin powder- 1/2 tsp
coriander powder- 1 tsp
biryani masala powder -1 tsp
garam masala powder-1 tsp(or additionally you can roast the whole spices and grind them)
cardamon- 3 to 4
cinamon- 1 large stick
cloves- 5 to 6
black pepper- few
mace- one small
nutmeg- little grated
bay leaves-2
mint leaves- few
coriander leaves-few
rose water- 1 tsp
saffron dipped in milk- little
Water- 1/4th cup(optional)

Plz Note:This is a basic gravy and the potatoes can be substituted with any choice of veggies( paneer or even a mix of french beans , carrots and peas) and for non vegetarians , chicken or mutton would be the perfect choice to go with the biryani rice. I usually make a chicken curry this way with my rice.


  • Fry the onions in oil and keep aside
  • Beat the curd well with some sugar and salt.Add a little water if you think the curd is too thick
  • Add ginger garlic paste, cumin-coriander powder- red chilli powder- turmeric powder, roasted whole spices, biryani masala powder, half of fried onions, coriander and mint leaves , garam masala powder , rose water and marinate the boiled potatoes in this and leave it aside for an hour.
  • Ina  pan add oil, add the whole spices(if you are not using garam masala powder ), drop the rest of the fried onions or you could just fry chopped onions, and add the marinated potatoes. stir and cover for some time. If required you can add some water .
  • Add salt if needed and check if dome.
  • At this stage you can add saffron also if you wish although I didnt add any. Cashew paste or a little cream will make it rich and luxurious
An amalgamation of the most brilliant combo of coriander mint, rose water and saffron this one works out to be just perfect to go with biryani rice. A biryani dominated flavor it cant compete with any other style of cooking. Enchanted moments of gastronomy …A beautiful side gravy for biryani is what this sums up to be. Your biryani rice with this gravy would be even better then a plateful of  biryani is my take.
And for non vegetarians like me, when there is the monotony of cooking up a full fledged biryani, you can cook up the biryani rice and make a chicken gravy in the same process. A chicken/ mutton gravy would be even better, exactly the way a biryani tastes. I have had many side gravy for biryanis, where mostly its a combination of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, peanuts and coconut blended into a gravy with a dash of yogurt or lime. That’s the most common and of course yummy, but this one  in a yogurt based gravy scores over it is my take.A little more luxurious and rich, teh addition of cream  and cashew intermingling with the rose water ad saffron just elevates it to another level. The finest form of gourmet cooking.. You cant just beat this as a side gravy for your biryani rice.
The marination is the key here,  you can replace the potatoes with anything else, veg or non veg. Meat would be the best choice and for veggies, even paneer(cottage cheese) or mix veggies of carrots, peas, french beans  would be fantastic. Whatever you choose, it just is the perfect match to your biryani rice , complete meal in itself that which can substitute your biryani on any day with ease.
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