egg curry


So this is my second post on egg curry.A tad different from
the earlier one, this one’s more about the flowy sauce and its smooth texture
then the eggs itself.A tad simpler with the ease of cooking, While my earlier
one was a typical assamese/Bengali style of frying the eggs into the curry,
this one boasts of the runny sauce, while leaving the eggs plain boiled,
mingling with the hot, tasty curry that would go best with a bowl of rice or
your indian breads.
Every cook has a memory of a mom and her kitchen, complimented
by the warm smiles at the dining table. For me , egg curry represents one of my
fond memories of mom preparing the most desiareble egg curry during those
challenging days of satisfying  us when
there wasn’t any non veg dishes, esp on
a Sunday.The aromas of chicken/mutton dissipating from ever’y neighbour’s kitchen was enough  to
crave for a non veg dish for a Sunday lunch at home..and on days when there would be no
chicken, mom would struggle to satiate our cravings. That’s when the most awesome
appetizing egg curry, fragrant with whole spices,would appear, the signature flavor of the
egg curry so strongly overbearing. its would be a welcome change and
one of the most satisfying meals for me.
So the sauce here is almost a dramatic representation of a
beautiful indian gravy.This can also be adapted to any of your vegetable
dishes. Indian curries are mostly a mix of few ingredients and they can be
intechaged to varied recipes with  little
bit of creativity.Same sauce, with different veggies/egg as its accompiment..Try
adding cauliflower or even peas.This is almost a life saver during hopelessness has a propensity to put us in a comfort zone during emergency when the mind
is perplexed
Like, I do make bhindi masala and aloo dum sometimes with the
same gravy.. Tastes awesome in both dishes, since the veggies itself lends a
different taste to the gravy. So is the case with paneer (cottage cheese) masala.Or just plain
biryani gravy. Its just the trick of the gravy. That’s the hero of any curry.  Its more or less a staple curry. I think you
just need to have a few gravys up your sleeve ,which come sin handy when
needed, This also saves you from the monotony of serving a dish in the same
style every time on the dining table which leads to scornful frowns on the
faces in the table .It also leads to a disregard to an dish if served in the
same way always.
So for me, I keep some curries ready always. The onion
tomato, the onion, curd, the poppy seeds and cashew and the south indian style of
poppy seeds, coconut, cashew .
So this egg curry is a classic one with just 3 main
ingedients: 1. Poppy seeds 2. Cashew paste:3 magaz seeds.
Eggs boiled-2
Poppy seeds- 2 tbsp
Cashew – 5 to 6
Magaz(melon seeds)- 2 tbsp
Tomato puree- 3 tbsp
Onions- 1
Ginger garlic paste- 1 tbsp
Turmeric powder- 1/4th tsp
coriander powder-1 tsp
Cumin powder-1/2 tsp
Red chilli powder-1/2 tsp
Coconut(optional)- I added 1 tsp
Salt-as per taste
Cream (optional)- 1 tbsp
Garam masala powder-1 tsp
Tawa fry masla(optional)
dried kasuri methi- few
  • Boil the cashews/ poppy seeds/ mazaz frro about 15 minutes
    and make a paste. Add water and keep it aside
  • Fry onions and make a paste
  • In a pan, add oil, when hot add ginger garlic paste, one the
    raw smell goes, aad the fried onions paste and the poppy seeds paste. Fry and
    add turmeric and chilli powder. Cover for about 2 mins
  • Open and add tomato puree , salt, coriander cumin powder and
    cover and cook for a while until oil starts seperating. Open and add garam masala and kasuri methi(optional),
    milk/yoghurt. Add mace powder
  • Add a drop of cream if you wish. I didn’t.The paste makes it a rich sweet taste while the tomato puree
    cuts the sweetnes to give a slightly tangy taste.
  • Serve with a sprinkling of coriander leaves and a dash of lime


Beautiful texture, its visually captivating as you assemble the
eggs on this sauce. . Its not very often that you see egg
curries at restaurants or even if you do there wont be much variations at least in terms of indian style.The best curry that i remember is the one that was served in my office canteen when I worked for one of the large telecom giants. Unlimited and beatifullly cooked in a  spicy gravy,it was one of the best deals of the office canteen.  While eggs in the international level are more to do
with breakfast or as accompaniments , fried, baked, poached,sunny side up ..But in terms of
a gravy per indian style this one scores both in demonstartion as well as the
perfect taste.. insanely addictive I would say. The tomato puree with the poppy
sees paste lends out a signature taste and texture, not to mention the fragment
aroma of the mace power lingering. The kasuri methi adds to the enhancement of
To summarize,the flavor is almost a signature taste of the
poppy seeds and cashews ,simmering with the tomato puree thus coming in
perfect harmony. S here u are , ready with an appetizing dish, a no frill
recipe ,in a few minutes.Who wouldn’t want to try this one out??? I relish my curry with some luxurious carrot pulao as you can see..You can choose your own assortment of rice or rotis to go with this lipsmacking curry

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