Chocolate Coconut Barfi

Barfis!!!! Typically Indian, authentically traditional…That’s how barfis are summed up in one line..Milk barfis, besan (gram flour) barfis, coconut barfis, suji(semolina) barfis , khoya ,kaju(cashew nuts) barfis, Moong Dal barfis …and the indomitable  list  continues…..Ask any Indian and you will not find a single soul who isn’t fond of barfis or not acquainted to these sweets ..And during festivals its often a deluge of barfis and mithais that appears across the households and sweet shops.My favorite honestly is the besan barfi, although the kaju barfis are the most famous of all barfis in India. Unanimously…While India as a nation has a variety of food and recipes its only common sense that we also have a variety of sweets and desserts.Its really amazing.The laddus and the barfis are beautiful delights that’s just irresistible. Both are prepared in the same way except that the consistency ad the texture is different.And mostly while we marvel at the type of sweets available in the market, yet certain specific  laddus and barfis  are best made at home.My favorite homemade ones are the coconut barfis, atta laddus and besan laddus.Be it of any kind, barfis  are one of the most common sweets in India. Its a typical process that cooks upto making a barfi be it with different ingredients. Hence you find many varied kinds of barfis..But there are certain sweets that which are mostly and commonly created only in the household kitchen.One such is my chocolate nariyal barfi..I don’t think you will find it across the sweet shops anywhere or maybe sparingly somewhere sometime perhaps. So it holds much more value for me coz of its unavailability.But then there is nothing best then homemade sweets, and esp the sweets and snacks made by our mothers .This is one such sweet that i have learned form my mother .

Here its the consistency that shapes up to a new dish..Barfi or laddu, its the same preparation , the more you cook works out to be barfi, the less u cook, u can cook them up as ladoos.Really awesome is the power of Indian cuisine..I love it.

So like I  mentioned, my coconut barfis are actually my mom’s trusted recipe..Don’t though when and how she learnt, but its a twisted taste, chocolate mixed with the traditional barfis.And she has been making these for ages since I was a toddler..Having seen her cooking I thought I could maybe make them myself, for she clearly states that while its easy to put up everything ,but its only a prolific chef who can master the real texture  and the consistency of the barfis.


freshly grated coconut- 1 cup (small)
Sugar- 1/2 cup
cocoa powder- 2 tsp
milk maid(condensed milk)- 4 tsp..Or you can also use evaporated milk
oil/ghee for greasing

Plz note:  1.The size of the cup matters. My cup was small so I used 4 tsp of milkmaid.If your cup is                       of bigger size, you may add 3- tbsp of milkmaid
2. My mom uses evaporated milk (half litre reduced to 1/4 th qty),but I love the easier                              version of the condensed milk .


  • Grate the fresh coconut
  • Mix sugar, coconut and cocoa powder and keep the mixture aside covered for some time.This is to ensure that the sugar melts and blends with the soft and juicy coconut.Its easier to cook this way.otherwise the sugar becomes very temperamental during the frying process
  • In a deep pan, put the mixture on low flame and keep frying .Best is to use a deep pressure cooker ,because of its thick base,the mixture does not get burned .In a frying pan,its more prone to get burned. (This is my mom”s tip, so I used the pressure cooker for frying)
  • After sometime add the milk maid spoon by spoon. Keep frying
  • When the oil starts releasing from the sides and the mixture attains a sticky consistency you know you have your perfect mixture. Try taking some in between your thumb and forefinger and if its sticky,you know its done.
  • Ensure that the mixture is not over fried.In that case it will be like granules and will be impossible to shape.
  • Grease a plate and pour the mixture and flatten it and let it cool for sometime.
  • Once cool ,cut it into small squares and serve
Absolutely soft and juicy, the fresh coconut and the milkmaid is an awesome combo.Its almost intoxicating.And since this is my mom’s age old recipe this cant fail.Yes ,grating the coconut is a tedious task(at least for me) but once that task is achieved , you have a winner on your hands. But please note that the best barfis are made with fresh coconut,nothing else. The sweetness of the coconut and milkmaid is at its best when fresh grated coconut is used.Guests at home have always raved about my mom’s barfis, also coz of its twisted taste of a chocolaty flavor.Yes, you might take a couple of times to get the perfect consistency and the texture to shape them, but once done ,you will marvel at your own skills of creating one of the best homemade Indian sweets.The cocoa gives out a beautiful modern flavor ,not to mention the intoxicating ,enchanting aroma of the blend of coconut and  cocoa . Truly ,enchanted moments of weakness is what i call these sweet delights as ..You cant miss trying them for sure.Anytime sweets ,relish them best with your cup of tea like we do at home or if you take pride in your sweet tooth they can be savored anytime of the day.And for the ones who aren’t too fond of sweets, this will convert you to the other side for sure coz you will fall in love with them with just one bite is my promise…


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