Soupy Vegetable pulao


So I am back yet again after a long break. Not intentional but expanding your work, your business isnt easy and I had 5 launches in the last few days which really kept me busy.Hardly had any time to even cook up a decent meal. But during these times, when you are in a dilema abt your daily meals ,i often come up with innovative one pot emals that which are easy, convenient and quick for us working professionals.. keeps the mind happy.

While this wa snot intended, it was borne just out of a melange of stuff that i could lay my hands on. Vegetable pulau or pilaf as it is commonly called is one of the easiest dishes that can make your day.
Easy and tasty, yummy and convenient, no side dish required, a one pot comforting meal.

Well pulao, pilaf, biryani, fried rice are all types of rice dishes.While biryani has many connotations and is a laborious task, rice and veggies blended together to make  a form of pulao is the easiest form.

Pulao as we all know has a typical way of preparation id f u look up the culinary books.But India, you would see almost a different version of pulao in every household, Basically even veggies and rice mixed with spices forms out be a kind of pulao, although i still cant understand if its a form of pulao or friend rice or just a mix of rice and veggies. Nonetheless whatever it may be, varied techniques and spices used, this version of pulao are very tasty as well.

So today what i have here is a pulao made with vegetable stocks.Actually it wasn’t intended like i mentioned  but i had so much of my veg stew left that I thought this could be the best use of it, to make  a healthy pulao.with addition of lemon grass it gives an orienntal twist.


Vegetable stock-3 cups
Rice-1 1/2 cup
coriander powder- 1 tbsp
tawa fry masala-2 tsp
cumin powder-1 tsp
onions-1 chopped
french beans-few chopped
salt-As per taste
garam masal powder- 1 tsp
kafir leaves- few
Cocoanut milk-1/2 cup
Paneer- Few cubes fried
Cloves- 4
Cinamon- 1 large stick
Red dried chilli- 2

Vetegable stock

  • boil beans, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage , green peas, spring onions, lemon grass,in water with salt, parsely and make a vegetable stock.You could add a little vinegar as well.Keep aside.Ideally I love having this like a soup on normal days
  • In a wide pan, add oil and the whole spices.Now add beans, carrots ,onions, garlic chopped,
  • Fry and add the soaked rice.
  • Add a little coriander powder, cumin powder, tawa fry masala, and the vegetable soup/stock.You could add kafir leaves as well and  a little coconut milk
  • Let it cook on slow heat until done.I put it on the pressure cooker like we indians are used to making rice/pulao
  • Once done mix in a few fried cubes of paneer(cottage cheese).You could add it while cooking the rice as well, however i like adding them  at a later stage since it retains its crispiness.
Absolutely yummy the rice gets a discerning aroma and an exquise taste from the soup.A little juicy and moist its best to be served warm when the taste of the soup lingers and gives the rice a certain flavour.You really don’t need anything else with this. The soup and all the veggies mixed with the rice makes it a wholesome one pot meal. The goodness of the nutrients of the vegetable soup makes this an healthy option. For me many a nights this is my comforting, heart warming satiating meal . it just never fails .So the enxt time you think of a easy one pot meal, this one should bring some warm smiles on your face.Absolutely delicious and succelent. Needs nothing else by the side since it”s rather moist and soupy..


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