Paneer(cottage cheese) cheese parathas

I love parathas, any filling, shape or size..I guess that’s synergic with every indian. Everybody loves the paratha.A little oily, yet the taste of  a paratha is second to none. You just cant beat the satisfaction that a paratha manages to score .

While aloo (potato) paratha is my favourite and am sure for most indians as well, yet there are some more that manages to create a stir..The paneer (cottage cheese) paratahs and the methi (fenugreek leaves) and rajma(red kidney beans)..Give it a twist ant the very rajma paratha can qualify for a mexican quasedilla.

This time, though its the paneer. I never generally make them since paneer is most often used as a main course or starter at home, not much used for partahs.but my frien gul who had come vising me fromUS a few days back, decided to treat me some amazing panee rparathas in the warmth of my kitchen, We did manage to have  awhale of a time reminiscing our gud old days years back when we worked for a reputed Indian punblication ..We met a s collegues and stayed friends for life.So it was like a break for both of us, chatting away, visint the old palces that we would frequent, relishing the street food that we used to cherish then ,reminishing oir old dyas.
She is  afantastic cook, and she cooked amazing dishes in those 4 days of stay.One of tjem wa sthese paneer parathas..And yes, a s i learnt it is the small tricks that do wonders to any dish, really.Irrespective of all teh spice sthat might pour in, it ultimately is a combination of your skills, your stle of cookinga nd small tricks that which creates  awonderful dish and sometimes just teh simplicity of the dish devoid of any spices.
This one wa sone such easy make. A simple paneer filled partaha with just minimal spices of roaste dcumina nd green chillies. Nothing else. feels like heaven
I ahve included my own twist her by adding grated cheese, since i love teh combination of cheese and paneer. Tated great.

paneer- 200 gms
flour-2 cups
Freshly roasted cumin powder-1/2 tsp
salt-as desired
green chillies-2 finely chopped
chat masala(optional)-1/2 tsp
Garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
Chopped coriandee leaves- little
Red chilly powder (optional)-1/2 tsp
Water-as desired for the dough
14th cup flour for dusting
Oil/ghee/butter for roasting-as desired
Oil for dough-1 tbsp



  • Mash the fresh paneer and add freshly roasted cumin powder, green chillies , garam masala powder, chopped coriander leaves, red chilly powdee and grated cheese
  • mix and add salt if you wish. Keep aside
  • Make a dough of the flour with enough water, a little oil and salt and cover and keep it for 15 minutes aside
  • Now make small balls of the dough. Take one ball, flatten it a little, add in a little filling, cover and seal the edges and shape it into a ball again.Ideally the amount of filling should be equal to the size of the dough ball but care should be taken that it does not spill out.
  • Roll it out again into a thick roti, and care that teh filling does not come out.ideally flatten it out with your hands first so that the paneer is evenly distributed and then roll it out softly.
  • Under low to medium flame, put the paratha on the tawa.
  • Cook on each side pouring oil or butter whatever you choose
  • Serve with your favourite chutny, pickle ar curd
Absolutely simple and easy, this is as easy as the aloo parathas as you can see.Not much of spices or masla, the pure mix of paneer rand cheese does wonders to your cravings. Savour with your favourite pickle/chutney/raita or even a curry for a complete meal.

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