spagetti with minched meat sauce-the bolognese style



Finally I managed to make my spagetti and minched meat dish, a la bolognese style.I had been wanting to cook this up for  a very long time but somehow never managed to make.
Every time i get minched meat, it translates into a delicious and virtuous dish of soft, kheema and peas masala that which would be accompanied by hot piping rotis(indian bread).
Minched meat for most Indians is best used as Kheema masala, either mutton o chicken, it has a specific taste which is so desirable and uniquly exquisite.Peas or potatoes with it is all taht is required to finish off the preparation. In fact in Mumbai kheema goes best with pav and a famous dish by the name of kheema pav is the synosure of all iranian retaurents. You just cant escape the taste.
So mostly whenever i get kheema , it ends up as a gorgeous kheema masala for my meal. This time i specifically saved the pack to cook up my spagetti. While spagetti and minched meat is one of the most staple and common italian dish, yet for most indians minched meat connotes to a desirable dish of kheema.

Spaghetti, pasta, fuseli for me is delicious more as a vegetarian dish .I believe the veggies like brocoli, mushrooms, corn and cheese tends to work up as a wonderful blend of flavours with some herbs that which releases a perceptable flavour. With chicken it tends to tone down the flavour as the meat is too overbearing on the entire dish making it the dominating flavour. I love my spaghetti and pasta hence simple with just cheese, veggies and sometimes the white or the red sauce.
But minched meat and spaghetti again has a unique taste since the meat blends with the spaghetti and the sauce and giving it a uniform taste.Extremely simple with very few herbs this is one of the most lightest of pastas with no cheese at all.Spaghetti bolognese or so to say is one of the most classic italian dishes. Simple and easy ,it is a combination of a minched meat and bacon sauce mixed with spaghetti. I didnt intend to make a bolognese dish but non the less it represents a similar style of preparation albeit different
variations of ingredients used.

Spaghetti- 1 pack
minched meat -300 gms or more if you desire
tomato chopped- 1(optional)
tomatoes blended in a mixer- 2( just blend for a sec so that it is pulpy and not pureed)
garlic- 7-8 chopped
onions chopped- 1
olive oil- 2 tbsp
white wine- 1 tbsp
chicken stock- 1/2 cup
fresh herbs- 1 tsp(mix of basil and thyme or rosemary)
black pepper powder- 1/2 tsp


  • In a pan add water and let the spaghetti cook as per instructions. When done strain and keep it aside by drizzling with a little olive oil
  • In a frying pan , add olive oil and when hot add the chopped garlic, herbs and fry. Now add onions and the minched meat. Stir and fry
  • Add salt and chopped tomatoes and keep stirring. Add the stock and cover it for a few minutes.
  • Remove the lid add in a  little wine and cover it again until done.Sprinkle with pepper powder
  • In a serving plate arrange the spaghetti and pour over the minched meat sauc and serve
  • Alternatively, you can mix in the spaghetti in the sauce, fry for a minute in the pan, remove and serve.
  • If you want a drier version, just let the juice soak up and mix the spaghetti in the pan,a dd additional herbs and serve
Classic, bolognese style , this is absolutely fantastic for the ones who are familiar with spaghetti bolognese. However the variations and combinations of spices and ingredients used can change the taste of the dish.Since i wanted to avoid cheese and too much of herbs and wanted a dominating flavour of the meat , spaghetti and the wine, i used the portions accordingly.A slight juicy taste of the sauce that speaks of a tantalising wine flavour ,this one is sure to captivate your taste buds. With fresh herbs and garlic, this definetely represents one of the best homemade Italian dishes .

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