5 minute Oreo (biscuit) Cake

Why did you not get the cake today?? said 3 yr old Mishika with a  scornful look on her face!!! Well ,the cake here is the oreo biscuit cake( semi cake or so to say) that she was referring to..And soon I realised that as oreo tops the kiddies favorite type of biscuits, so does the cake too!!!! Strange yet an awesome find of sweet bake that can definetely raise the bar of your baking skills .Pure indulgence and a delectable treat for kiddie parties

So it was a weekend(which apparently is the busiest time of the week for me) and I forcibly decided to take a break.. I coaxed myself out of my laziness and made my experimental ganace topping to enhance this oreo cake…most cakes esp the basic ones although score very high on the taste n flavor yet they are visually not very appealing, at least for demonstration purposes n more so for a blog..same applies to the oreo cake..so although my biscuits n the incredible and almost unimaginable combo of a cake made out of biscuits is the hero here yet I knew that for a demo on a blog the decor reigns prime..and while this cake takes just 5 microwave minutes for baking n perhaps abt 10 minutes flat from the time u open the wrapper of the pack of biscuits yet I just cldnt find time to make a perfect icing to go with it..

So with some free time on this particular day I decided to surprise myself  with this all so now famous oreo cake which is making its appearance across all blogs forums and fb groups ..in fact I wldnt have known if my cousin +Sangeeta Sharma ( she shares her own experience on her food recipes and travel tales through her blog (http://www.myworldfoodandtravel.com/)  hadnt told me the other day.I almost thought she made a mistake when I asked about the ingredients..biscuits n eno??? Is that a cake?? Intrigued I scurried myself to hunt for this cake on google…And yes…a cake made out of pure biscuits it is!! Cake in a pack of biscuits or is it biscuits in a cake? Whatever it is, this is pure invention I say ..creativity that calls for some applause .wherever it originated I must say that its an amazingly gorgeous form of a cake and super quick too…

Although I started with  the trepidation of a novice by the time the cake came out of the microwave I was brimming with pride like a prolific baker..And it became the surprise element of awe during the impromptu getogether that day with guests and esp the kids who regaled at this surprise; surprise at the thought of an odd pair of biscuits and eno!!! .The guests  reveled in this beauty of an outstanding outcome of unfamiliar mix of a list of ingredients..

Oreo (chocolate flavor)Biscuits- 20 pairs
Baking powder or Eno- 3/4th tsp( I used baking powder)
Milk- 1 cup
Sugar- 3 to 4 tbsp
butter/oil for greasing for the baking pan


  • Take the pack of oreo biscuits, sugar ,milk  and blend in a mixer.You must use the whole biscuits including the cream as well
  • Add baking powder/eno to the smooth batter
  • Grease your microwave safe baking tray and pour the batter
  • Microwave for 5 minutes.Let it cool for another 5 minutes
  • Remove and invert the cake on to a plate and pour the ganache on top
     For preparing the ganache : You can check my earlier posting on ganache topped cupcakes
Serving instructions:
  • You can dust the cake with powdered sugar or icing sugar
  • You can pour chocolate sauce over the cake and serve with a scoop of ice cream
  • Decorate with ganache topping or butter icing or glaze icing topped with some cherries

I always feel you should choose your desserts well for house events..they speak volumes about the entire meal.and its always smart to be able to keep a few quick n easy recipes up your sleeve for emergency..this is one such recipe. When your cravings for a tea cake are on a high but maybe you are too lazy to bake one yourself with the extensive process or fall short of ingredients , this comes in for a sweet surprise ,making way for big smiles ..And this is so magical that it might just start a unified passion of a kind in your house once tasted.

This definitely managed to create a captivating effect on me which  will last one life, am sure it will not fail you too!

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