Saufiya Chicken Pulao

Well as per my earlier post on chicken based rice; pilaf, pulao , biryani are the most common dishes connoting a one pot ,meal of chicken and rice. Typically indian and middle eastern. Each one of them have  a specific technique of  arriving at a distinct discernible taste and flavour. Biryani to pulao is variedly different technically, since the cooking process is different.Today’s version is a very easy style of pulao made in Biryani style called as Saufiya Chicken Pulao. This is apt for the begginers or learner without much efforts required .

In this modern age, to cook these exact technique at home on a regular day is a bit taxing with no time .Hence we generelly try and find out ways to make easy modern versions of biryania and pulao. That is how this Saufiya Chicken Pulao was conceived.

I have often seen my collegues getting biryani/ pulao in their lunch boxes, yet one bite and you rea
lise that its just a mix of chicken and rice put together, northwitstanding , the taste is always welcome, coz of the spices used I must sya.

So today I am here with a very easy version of chicken and rice one pot meal .I wouldnt call it pulao or biryani coz for me , both pulao and biryani are attanained only by the eexcat technique of its cooking process. You cant term it as a pulao or biryani even if youd  deviate slightly from its actuall cooking process.

This version takes a leaf out from the process of biryani making in the end just for the technique and stemaing required not otherwise. So you name it as biryani or a pulao, yet is is a gloriously made recipe made in a modern way in a modern kitchen where we are pressed for time.

And while I generally cook this at times for a quick bite or pack for my lunch with leftover chicken or meat, coz it obviously is the easiest and extremely scrumptious for leaft-over chicken to be converted into a delicious meal for its monotony of relishing the same dish again and again to mellow down.
And was I surpised to see a similar version of this dish shown as a fancy pulao on this cookery show named Roti and Rice. Nothing agaist the show of course in fact for some, this is  afantastic programe to learn various ways of using your rice and roties in an innovative way.

However this dish is something which i would regularly make in my kitchen without the suanf of course, and it i must say is a safe bet for days when u r pressed on time or need to rush out or have emergency house guests and you have no clue how to spice up the meal. Of course I have used my own version here, not the one showed in teh show, for I believe you need to bring in an element of the biryani spice for the simple mix of chicken and rice. It is the technique otherwise it is just  a plain mix of rice and chicken.Hence my highlight here is teh rosewater and the brown onions, with the suanf seeds giving out a unique flavour


Chicken-500 gms
Saunf-1/2 tsp
Dalchini-1/2 inch stick
Black pepper- a few
green chillies- 2
Rice-2 cups par boiled( or more if you need a larger quantity of rice)
Water-  Little
lime juice- 1 tsp
Milk-1/4th cup
Cream-1 tbsp
Curd-2 to b tbsp
Onions-1 sliced
Rosewater- 1tsp
ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
additional brown onions- 1/4th cup


  • In a pan add bayleaves, black pepper, long, elaichi and sauf.
  • Now add sliced onions.Fry and add ginger garlic paste and green chillies.
  • Once the onions turn transculent, add the chicken and fry with salt. Add curd and keep frying ..Now add cream and milk and continue frying. Cover and let it cook.
  • Once almost done,add a bit of lemon juice and rose water and now add the par boiled rice
  • Cover it , add additional brown onions and let it cook for about 6 to 7 minutes.
  • Open , mix the rice and chicken and serve

Absolutely delicious  with the flavor of the rosewater taking it to the level of a biryani, this is a modern version of the erstwhile biryani and made in a very quick time. Not much fuss, the brown onions do a great job in converging this into a biryani type of dish. Apart form the taste, the aroma, of rosewater, saffron and brown onions which connotes biryani, and that is what this dish achieves(without the saffron of course). Trust me, it would fail to indulge you. Its yummy, fantastic, visually appealing and super quick with a modern twist.
So then , this is another element on your menu for your next house event that would guarantee you desired praises.


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