Naan – Easy homemade version without yeast

When it comes to Indian Food, Naan and Kulcha tops my list of favorite flat-breads that compliment a succulent Indian curry ,be it a Butter chicken gravy or a Paneer Makhani or anything else for that matter. Soft and fluffy ,a bite of naan has the capacity to take your overall meal to another level of deliciousness with its soft, tender texture that lends a beautiful finish to your meal.You could read up on my aloo kulcha recipe as well in my previous post

But  naan does not feature on a daily basis in our  kitchen on regular days. For the reason that traditional technique of making naan involves yeast, that’s required for the fermentation process. It is the fermentation that lends the fluffy ,airy texture to the hot naan. Also the fermentation is a long process which is not feasible on a daily basis which is why Roti is the unified choice that compliments a home meal in Indian Households, albeit Naan being the more tastier choice and fancier as well when it comes to an identity. Which is also the reason that yeast does not really feature in Indian households on a daily basis. Also, naan needs a tandoor apart from yeast which technically isn’t possible at homes since not  everybody possess a tandoor at home.

But that’s the old story of naan. Naan needs patience, a lot of care and love that brings out the best of your hard efforts. Keeping the tandoor ,or the yeast aside there is another way to prepare instant naan at home that would create magic in your daily meals.No yeast, no tandoor and in fact no oven required. Just the old old Iron Tawa does the trick of churning out lipsmaking gorgeous soft naans in a jiffy.Even for those weekdays or weekends nights this easy version of no yeast naan works like wonders to add magic to your meal at home.

So what’s the trick to this naan without yeast?Lets understand the process of naan and its fermentation first. Yeast is the main ingredient that aids in fermentation which leads to the structure of the resultant naan. Yeast and sugar blends together to help in fermentation . Here in this case,  curd and baking powder-soda acts together to create the fermentation process which helps in creating these beautiful flatbreads.

And you really dont need the tandoor, not even the oven. A simple technique used in the tawa can give you nanans that taste no less then the restaurant bought ones eminating a beautiful earthy smoky flavor

Naan  as we all know is best made in  a tandoor .The modern version close to the tandoor is the the oven and now  I  would say that the tawa version is the most easiest amongst all that gives out such soft naans without a glitch of having to bother about the temperature settings or over baking.

Once you try, I must say that it is amazingly simple with a very professional look and texture to it..

If you read up the net you might see different variation to this naan with different permutations and combinations of ingredients that goes into the making of a naan. Some use more of curd and just baking soda and no baking powder. It all depends on your taste and what you prefer.

I like the choice of adding more baking powder then soda for the reason that it mellows down the strong taste of the soda. Too much of soda often leaves with a strong taste that tastes insidiously insipid at time. baking powder balances it. Also too much of curd make sit very sticky hence I choose to keep it less. This by far is the best combination that leads to a gorgeous restaurant style naan.



All purpose flour(Maida)-3 cups

Curd-  1/3rd cup
Milk- 4  tbsp
Baking soda-1/2 tsp

baking powder 1 tsp
salt- 1 tsp
sugar- 2 tsp
water-As required for a very soft dough
fennel seeds- 1 tbsp
Oil- 3 tbsp for kneading
Butter- As required for applying on the naan

For a healthy alternative you can use 2 cups wheatflour and 1 cup All purpose flour


  • In a bowl , add  all the dry ingredients(flour, baking soda, salt).
  • Make a mixture of milk, curd and sugar
  • Now add the milk mixture to the dry ingredients , and knead into a soft dough and keep aside for 10 mins covering with a damp cloth
  • After 10 mins, add oil ,knead again and keep it covered with a soft wet cloth for sometime. If there is an emergency  you can keep it for 15 mins. Ideally it should be kept for 2 hours for the fermentation to take place resulting into a perfect taste and texture
  • Once ready, knead into medium sized flat  balls, dust your surface with some flour and and roll into thick rotis. It should be a little thicker then your regular rotis. You can  stretch them to give them an oval shape like in restaurants.
  • On one side add some fennel seeds and roll your rolling pin over it
  • Now tap the other side with water with your fingers while you put the iron tawa on the flame .
  • Once the tawa is hot, place the naan with the wet side down and immediately cover it. Let it cover for about 40 to 45 secs.
  • Remove the cover and you will see the naan bubbling up. Now remove the naan and put the other side directly on the gas burner with the help of tongs. Cook both side on direct flame till it gets charged or as you like.
  • Top it with dollops of butter for an amazing  butter naan.

Absolutely perfect, you wouldn’t feel the difference between a naan  without yeast v/s a  yeast based naan, except that it is much softer then a naan made with yeast..Which is what i like otherwise naans usually gets very hard once cold. Also you have the power to control the amount of hardness you require.With some butter it is your perfect recipe to spice up your regular dinner. It just makes your entire meal so scrumptious and tasty..
I strongly recommend this to everybody..Am sure you will get guaranteed praises for this in your next house event.Your guests will not know from which local restaurant this came from.

And yes, for the health conscious who would shudder at the thought of all purpose flour, you could try this with wheat flour as well or even a mix of all purpose flour and wheat flour too.They taste fantastic too but the significance of a naan that you can typify as a “restaurant type” is what you will achieve only with all purpose flour.

So then; all purpose or wheatflour, it is the simplicity and the techinque of cooking the perfect naan is what the task is for most of us and that is what my recipe achieves by the tawa technique today.My dinner tonight features yet another round of butter naan complimenting my chicken curry.This is what I call magic.What’s yours?

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