Buttered steamed fish with coconut

Steamed fish with buttered coconut


I had almost forgotten about this recipe until a few days back when I chanced upon an old dairy with a few recipes as I cleaned up my drawers, throwing away unwanted piles of files, papers, documents that lay stacked for years. Years ago, during my summer vacations while at school, this is one recipe that i learnt  from a cooking class is what I faintly remember. So,hastily as i could, I hurried myself to the kitchen to revive this tremendous taste, dished out my last few pieces of fillets from the deep freezer, ordered some coconut and recreated the magic of this steamed delight.A dish that adorned our dining table so often during my childhood years, especially during house events.And finally what i created was truly outstanding, the same buttery sweet taste that engulfed the sweet river water fillets ,blending beautifully working out to a yummy fishy meal

The glorious taste of the coconut, butter and the vinegar is so intoxicating that this features in my chicken and other vegetarian recipes too .Even with chicken this blend tastes equally delightful, however the steamed version of fish is absolutely scrumptious and unmatched.. Sweet, buttery, and spicy, a perfect taste that adds up to a gastronomy delight, a lucrative entree from gourmet kitchen.

It is surprising that sometime the most simplistic treatment meted out to a dish produces the most outstanding results in terms of taste and texture, This is one such example, Its so simple that you almost feel that you must have missed adding in a few ingredients..If u desire, you can possibly add in a lot of ingredients, however the bend of the sweet coconut and the butter with black pepper leaves with with an aroma that which is irresistible. As the fish steams slowly , the aroma of the butter leaves with a guaranteed assurance that this dish is a winner of all sorts.. The buttery aroma cements this thought.

With just the coconut and devoid of any other spices, the white flaky fish stands out with  resplendent  glaze  from the butter shining like a beacon .The aroma of the butter and pepper, the texture of the grated coconut and the smoothness of the steamed fish all combined  connotes to sheer and neat culinary “steamed  perfection”


Fish fillets(Catla/Rohu/Basa)- 3 to 4 , I used Rohu fillets, Ideally river water fish to be used which  compliments well with a butter -coconut blend..It may not go well with the taste of sea fish
Coconut grated- 1/2 cup
Butter- 25 gms
Black pepper- 1 tbsp
salt- as per taste
vinegar- 1 to 2 tbsp


  • In a bowl/pan, place the fish fillets and add butter, grated coconut, salt, black pepper  and vinegar and mix.
  • In a steaming pan, grease some butter and pour in the marinated fish
  • Steam it for about 6 to 7 mins until done

Simple, sweet, buttery, this is one of the most simplest of recipes that i must have ever made .Also the technique of steaming itself is one of the most easiest and quickest of all recipes. The moistness and the soft texture that is attained by steaming is by far my favourite type of cooking style. Its easy, super quick and amazingly scrumptious. Butter and coconut is known as a classic combo, .This blend sees itself not only in main course but also in Indian sweets , cakes and bakes,. Its just the kind of treatment that is given to work around and form a recipe. The way of cooking, the additional indigents is what make a dish tasty, here the butter and coconut is all so dominating and gives out an irresistible aroma ,an incredible ,succulent taste, additionally it gives out a certain sweetness to the sweet fish. Steaming releases the juices and the concoction of the butter, the fish and the juicy grated coconut work like  magic for this dish, blending wonderfully to give out an exclusively unique taste to the fish.

This is one of my favorites, amongst the easiest of recipes from my book , try it then,as I ready myself for my awesome Sunday lunch..You might just warm up to the magic of the succulent fish fillets soaked in a blend of juicy buttery coconut ,an absolute delight representing  the epitome of steaming as a technique that which results in such gorgeous culinary fishy entree!!

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