Fish with mustard -curd sauce

While this ideally was my mom”s age old recipe, I was surprised to see the same  dish prepared in a fancy manner and technique in one of the shows on a food channel (Don’t remember if it was Fox traveller or NDTV Good times).

Whatever it maybe , i must say that presentation is the key to a good dish.Not that my mom’s dish is not visually appealing; it is in every sense, however she would prepare it like a fish curry that would best compliment the rice at the dining table. That goes for an Indian meal..Fish curry and rice to be precise.And  padba fish with this gravy was a scintillating affair

But what I saw on this channel was exactly the same ingredients albeit the way the ingredients were tempered with to work around a thick sauce that which adds drama and magic to the dish bringing in a resplendent glaze

In short a dramatic presentation of the sauce over the fish and the side veggies is what creates magic to this dish .A simple sauce, yet with the way the texture is formed and the fish when relished with this delectable sauce is outstanding ..never felt so good.


Fish fillets(Bhetki/Rohu/Catla/Kingfish/Basa )- 2
Mustard paste- 3 tbsp diluted in 2 tbsp water
Water- 1/3rd cup
Curd- 2 tbsp
Garlic paste- 1 tsp for marination and 1 tsp for the sauce
chillies- 1 chopped
oil- 1 tbsp
Salt- As per taste


  • Marinate the fish with garlic paste, salt and black pepper. keep aside for 10 mins.
  • Now fry them in oil and keep aside
  • Make a paste of green chilies and garlic and keep aside
  • Make a paste of the mustard and add water to it and keep aside
  • In a pan, add oil and when hot, drop the garlic chili paste.Fry for a few sec and add the mustard-water concoction. The water helps mellow down the piquancy of the mustard.Add salt , let it boil
  • Now add the fish fillets and cover the sauce for a few mins..
  • Take out the fish and keep aside on the serving plate
  • Now ,add curd to the sauce.Blend, stir and let it cook and thicken for a few mins. Cover and let it simmer.
  • Once you know the sauce has hit the right consistency , remove and pour over the fish fillets
For the steamed veggies
Blanch the french beans for a few secs in boiling water. Remove and stir fry them in a few cumin seeds and oil. Similarly braise boiled potato cubes with oil, salt and few coriander seeds
Serve alongside the fish and sauce
Absolutely delicious, the soft .moist fish is savory and sweet as it soaks into the sauce. Mustard and curd is a classic combo, with whatever type of fish you choose, it never fails.At times, an addition of honey blends well too to work out a certain sweetness, and extra herbs brings in that aromatic flavor. However , my fish today is the most simplest of all, with just the taste of the mustard overbearing, the underlay of the curd helps in mellowing down the piquancy of the mustard., forming a wonderful texture and taste that suits your taste buds to an extent that your tongue craves for more.With the veggies by the side and some rice, this is a perfect finish to your gourmet meal. This is sheer magical treatment worked around a plain recipe with no fuss. With a little mastery over the art of decoration( mine isn’t that good i agree), you can surely give competition to some of the best food joints across your area. For an house event this surely would emerge a winner and your guests wouldn’t know from which local restaurant this came for.And for the drinks by the side , I guess some red wine would just be fine to go along with!!!

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