Mushrooms and Broccoli stir fry with orange juice

My favourite chinese style veggies!! What i mean by that is the fact that mushrooms and brocolli tops my list of a chinese style of stir fry, as and when i feel like having some vegan starters..Mostly it is meat that’s my favourite but for that veggie day, i love mushrooms and broccoli and baby corn too in an asian culinary style. And thats what i have you you guys today.. a  fusion dish with the addition of orange juice( oranges are in abundance now hence it features almost in every meal for me, in cakes, salads, puddings,and dishes !)

Chinese cooking as they say is very simple..Just the right amount of heat required or the perfect taste.The sauces itself lend their taste to the veggies or meat so not much of labour needed here.But of course to make the perfect concoction of the sauce is an art or an experimentation if you are thinking of something beyond the soy -vinegar,manchurian or schewan sauces..

So here I was ,pondering over my dinner the other day which had to comprise of the mushrooms that lay in my refrigerator.I had to use them before they rot and before the broccoli florets wriggle and turn dry and yellow..Boccoli is best relished when soft and fresh..It has a certain sweetness which ceases to exist once it dries up. Hence the simplest dish to combine them with a mix of some sauces and a drizzle of a little wine perhaps for that glaze..

Very easy and quick this is a quickfire dish that can go as a whole meal in itself

Broccoli florets: 1 cup
Mushrooms- 1 cup
Salt-As per taste
Garlic pods- 6 to 7 chopped
Onions- 1 chopped
Soya Sauce-
Tomato Sauce
Sugar/Honey- 1 tsp
Black Pepper Sauce
Basil  leaves- few
Orange Juice- 1/4th cup


  • In a wok, add oil. Once its smoking hot, add the chopped garlic and red chillies. Fry for a sec and add the onions, mushrooms , broccoli
  • In a seperate bowl, add equal quantities of tomato sauce and Soya sauce and sugar.Keep aside
  • Now add the  sauce mix to the wok, add salt and basil leaves and stir.
  • Add in the black pepper sauce
  • Just before its done, add in the orange juice and mix. The dish should not have any gravy hence the juice should be stirred in until a thick coating of the sauce is what remains stuck to each peice of mushroom and broccoli

Super quick, warm and spicy hot, this is one of the simple Asian recipes. Also the soya and the tomato sauce puts you in a comfort zone with its predictability.The orange juice blends gloriously to give a certain tanginess which is so evident from the taste of the thick spice coating the veggies. Be it as a starter or a main course, you house events will definitely get that professional touch ,the touch of your next door chinese eatery.So what are you waiting for?? Time for some scrumptious chines style veggies..


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