Fish with greens and cherry wine


I think anyone reading my blog would believe perhaps I have  a blog that connotes some fishy tales..Tales and dishes from the ocean..And perhaps a profound love exists withing me for fish recipes. Ironically, as a child i was never a fish eater although culturally we assamese people are supposed to be suckers for fish..But of course  as a lover of cusine, having read, tasted  culinary delights from across the globe, I have begun to like fish now as much as i love meat. But more so then loving a typical variety of fish depends solely on the cooking style is what i believe ,more then the fish itself. Its the culinary taste , the decor, the visual appeal and the ingredients that really go into the making of a delicious dish, isnt it?

Whatever it maybe ,as long as it satiates your craving with some flavor pooping lip-smacking delicious  and nutrient packed dish, why complain?

An excess of fish in my deep freezer and i know not what and how to make delightful dishes ,uniquely different each day. So a little bit of sauces, a varied mix of ingredients and a different cooking style is what brings up an exquisite dish, a culinary delight so as to say.All i do is try and make different and yet extremely simple recipes  to cook up..It wont really take more then 10 mins

This time its  a healthy proposition with the addition of some greens to my fish..And some wine for that extra taste.Ideally I try consciously to include either protein , calcium or iron enriched elements to my list of ingredients which cooking up a dish…Honestly ;we often eat yummy tasty food, but never often do we actually ponder to figure out what actually goes into the dish it the oil ,the ghee, the cream, the mayo or the cheese that leads to a wonderful taste..And these do not any any nutritional value to your system..And that is why most often i at least try and make things simple, with the flavor of the one particular ingredient standing strong.And really, simple treatments meted out to a dish most often gives out an outstanding result..the cheese, cream ,oil can act as a flavor bursting topping

So here i was trying to make some meaning out of my leafy greens,green peas, moong sprouts with the high omega fatty elements in the fish..And the final output i must say is worth a try.


Basa Fillets- 2 to 3
Spinach(or mix of few greens)-1 cup chopped and blanched
Coriander powder-1/2 tsp
Garlic crushed-1 tsp
Wine-2 tbsp
Salt-as per taste
Green peas-1/2 cup
Moong sprouts(optional)-1/4th cup
Tomato-1 small
Onions-1 small
Olive oil-2 tbsp
Fish stock-1/2 cup


  • Marinate the fillets with salt and black pepper for 15 mins.Stir fry it for a few sec on both sides in a little olive oil.Keep it aside
  • In another pan, add olive oil,and add the crushed garlic.
  • Now add the onions and tomatoes, coriander powder and fry.
  • Now add the spinach, green peas, sprouts and cover it for 1 minute
  • Drop the half fried fish onto the pan.
  • Add fish stock/water ,cover it and let it cook.Add wine just before its done
  • Add extra olive oil before serving
Soupy texture, fine taste ,flavor popping greens and herbs,this is your perfect light soupy protein rich dish .The fishstock adds that additional healthy nutrient too while the wine eleveates this dish to another level.For me this is the simplest of all fish recipes with an indeminable list of positive and heathy rich ingredients. So catch your favourite fish today and enjoy this absolutely gorgeous looking delicious soupy dish..Some mixed herb rice by the side might do wonders to complete a satisfying ,well deserved meal..And for those who love wine, this is a classic way of adding wine onto your meals.Also no fear of getting caught while driving!!!!



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