Fish with cherry tomatoes, Zucchini and fresh Herbs

Flavor, additional zing or just a delicious addition to the visual appeal of a dish..Thy name is “Tomato””..That’s why i love tomatoes..Fresh, red and juicy!! In fact ,sometimes the most simplistic treatment given to a dish is with just the addition of tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and herbs. And the resultant outcome is absolutely a flavor bursting virtuous dish. Needs just nothing else.. While in the Indian version, the tomato -onion base is just enough for a succulent, susceptible delicious curry.

What I am going to show you today though is a spanish version of a dish with fish and tomatoes. In fact tomatoes are prime and imperative to the culinary taste buds of both Indians and Spaniards, albeit cooked differently and in different oils(refined v/s olive) and with varied herbs. However, its strange that while both these cuisine uses tomatoes in  a lavish way in their cooking yet the taste and flavor is way too different .In India, most curries use tomatoes, be  it with onions, coconut milk, milk or cream,,Just about anything, the tomatoes just gets that extra zing ,however  here it is more of the combination of the ingredients which brings in that desired taste.

However the spanish use tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, and shallots as a base..That is classic ..and with fresh herbs and wine it just taste divine.You know sometimes the most simplest of recipes seem so perfect..just the right ingredients and herbs with a drizzle of olive oil.

With olive oil, it really brings out its own flavor with tomatoes and garlic..That a s a base ,goes as a topping for any kinds of meat or fish or a veggie dish .

Now ,today;’s dish is actually inspired form a tv show that i saw in bits on fox traveler. Since i missed the first part, i actually dont know what were the correct ingredients that went into the dish..But being a slightly more then a average cook myself with  knowledge on the mix of ingredients and outcome of their paired taste I thought of trying my own version and my own list of ingredients.I love the combo of zucchini and olive oil hence, zucchini adorned this dish to make it a wholesome “fish and veggie dish”Am not sure of the herbs though coz I feel different herbs adds in a different taste hence you could just that one or at the most two herbs to bring out that distinctive and exquisite flavor of the herbs that mixes in with the fish and the oil.

Fish fillets (Snapper,tilepia/Basa fillets) I used basa fillets since that’s my favorite amongst all of the rest- 2 to 3
Olive Oil- 1/4th cup
Cherry tomatoes-1 1/2 cup(you could add more depending on the desired amount )
Onion- 1 large cut into round slices
Zuccini- 1 small cut into round slices
salt-As per taste
Black pepper- a little
Garlic pods- 7-8 crushed
fresh basil leaves- 7 to 8
Fresh thyme /rosemery- few ( the propotion of the other herbs should be more then basil)
parsley (optional if you dont have thyme or rosemary) but do not use all the herbs since that will not give you a distnict , perceptible flavor , which is the highlight of the dish
Fresh red chilli or chilli powder


  • In a pan ad olive oil and add the crushed garlic. Fry for a sec and add the cherry tomatoes, red chilli , thyme or rosemary ,stir and cover it for two minutes.
  • Now open the lid and add in the zucchini, fish(that was marinated with salt and black pepper), and cover it again for 2 mins
  • Open and add the sliced onions, basil leaves ,season with salt and cover for more two mins. You can turn the fillets on to the other side now .
  • Open and add some extra olive oil on top and warm up to the aromatic flavor bursting wholesome fish fillets .Add some extra black pepper powder.
  • Serve on its own or with some garlic and tomato rice

Extremely simple, its almost a a surprise when you bite in the fish fillets,..the olive oil goes in so well with the tomatoes and the herbs that actually brings out a awesome aromatic flavor. The tomatoes shrinks and cooks in the oil  while the juice pours out from them and mixes with the fish and garlic..The flavor derived form the cherry tomatoes is unmatched.i dont think you will get the same taste with regular tomatoes.They are not supposed to become pulpy but should remain whole..Thats why ,you will need only cherry tomatoes if you desire for  the perfect taste.Do not please try with regular tomatoes, coz once you cut the regular ones, the juice is already exposed and flows out..That has a different taste.

The herbs beautifully blends and give out that perfect flavor bursting zing.I used basil , rosemary and thyme, ideally i believe basil and thyme suits the best..Rosemary is too strong in flavor, hence it has the capacity to camouflage or outdo the flavor of the other herbs..In fact my dish has a very strong rosemary flavor so much so that the basil almost got lost.With just that extra olive oil on top this is perfect to go with some mixed rice or garlic rice,,fresh oven roasted veggies by the side could complete your meal.. Or otherwise you really don’t need anything else.. The zucchini completes the entire meal of fish and veggies..Soft and tasty, the zucchini gets its due taste from the flavor of the olive oil and fresh herbs..Zucchini is just an addition since i wanted some veggies and I strongly believe that zucchini or bell peppers go very well with olive oil and tomatoes.While you could do with other veggies also, maybe babycorn, mushrooms,yet i believe a zucchini just adds that final finesse to the meal with its perfect blend

Absolute divine is my verdict ..It has definitely earned my indulgence.m sure it will earn your too.And if you wish to make this as that perfect dish for that special someone,add in a dash of wine to the dish..It just achieves an irresistible taste and finesse..perfect for your valentine treat I must say .

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