Soupy Naga Chicken- from the land of nagaland


Nagaland, a beautiful state tucked away in the far east of the country..Cusine, fashion, art, all depicting a beautiful mongoloid lifestyle..In terms of ciusine it is typical and the food is bland yet spicy..In the north east these recipes are popular, spicy and bland..The naga chicken is a very popular dish now and although simple has a feiry undertone of one of the world”s most spicest chilli..the Ghost chilli  that is called as..So you would be spitting fire while relishing this dish, yet it has an excitement of the taste and flavor of the gravy.In 2007, the Guiness Book of records had certified that the ghost chilli found and cultivated in the Indian states of Assam and Nagland is the world”s hottest chilli pepper.

A Neighbouring land to my home state, Assam..this lifestyle depicts  a beautiful culture comprising beautiful  handwoven garments and food that reigns supreme in thy name of the world famous Naga chilli..
In fact the hero of this dish is the Ghost chilli. Feiry, spicy, this is one soupy dish that is best consumed with steamed rice and in winters..It will sure  keep your cold at medicines required..Sore throat,cough, fever, needs no medicines, just this soupy chicken that which will clear your system and a running nose with its spicy flavour..Also with 0% oil, this is your perfect diet dish, a soup or a dish complimenting white rice, the way you like it.
Plz note that for people who cant handle spice ,do not even try this dish..
Naga chicken is synonymous with the naga chilli and bamboo shoot.Most often meat is made with just the flavor of the Ghost chillies and bamboo shoot.We didnt have in stock hence this was just the soupy version with chillies. Also, most often the naga chilli/ghost chilli is not easy to work on raw as it is just too hot..Hence at times, readymade naga chilli pickes are used in curries which are easy to judge and apprehend.In fact on that, the ghost chilli (bhut jolokia in Assamese) pickle is an awesome treat with your rice and accompiments on a regular day in the households of north east.My mom keeps it either hidden or somewhere up in the loft away from the hands of the kids coz of its feiryness..That how spicy and burning hot the pickle is
chicken-500 gms
oil-not required
tomatoes-2 chopped
onions-2 chopped(optional)
bird chillis-15to20
salt-as per taste
coriander leaves- few
ginger juveniles- 2 tbsp
spinach(optional)- half a bunch chopped
coriander leaves
  • Cut and clean the chicken pieces.
  • Crush green chillies(ideally you need ghost chillies), ginger and garlic. ( just to open up the flavors )
  • Take a large pot/vessel  add in the chicken, spinach ,onions crushed tomatoes, crushed green chillies, ginger, garlic, chilly flakes, coriander leaves and salt.
  • Cook until the chicken is done.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves.
  • Serve hot with rice, or as a soup.
Extremely simple, this is almost like a soup, infact loads of local herbs also go into the soup alongwith ghost chilli.
In fact my cousin, a famous playback singer from Assam; Dikshu planned to treat us with naga chicken at home the other day, and while we waited with breath, i almost wrote the draft of this post meanwhile..I had to put it up for you guys..A different taste, an unique cuisine and a exquisite culinary style that depicts the food habits and of this far east state of the country.Every state in this country has their food habits and very rarely will you read or even experience food from the remote places of north east..That is why this post is important for inform and popularise cooking from the kitchens of the households of the north eastern states..Each bordering state has their own cooking style and esp the difference in the style of preparation is the use of varied herbs.. The herbs and spices make the dish unique and exclusive to the culture of that state.In fact ,the food and cooking style of this region and mostly the mongolian race is bland and yet has an exqusite taste.Across the south east asian countries ,you would relate to this bland taste of cooking..yet it binds you with its aroma, flavor and the mix of the specific spices and herbs of the soil.
And as we relished with running noses,sweat flowing down from our forehead, yet it had a peculiar feiryness which does not go away even with gulping down glasses of water..As my own brother pointed out,the trick is to eat fast and keep eating!!the moment you slow down or stop your mouth , lips start burning!!!!!!!
Well well, that is not trying to scare you, but really it is funny, you need to quickly gobble it up so as camouflage the feirynes of the chillies.Its almost like cheating it fast and quick..Wash up and quickly have a sweet..ha haha ..Thats what i did at least!!! But for all your cold, cough and throat problems, it will disappear in a jiffy…
Super hot and spicy, take this as an warning, yet once you taste the first  sip of the soupy texture you cant stop..Its irristable..Just the hot spicy flavor of the Ghost chilli ( with the herbs and the chicken stock..So divine,by Naga Style!!!

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