Chikpeas(chole),Paneer(cottage cheese) and brown rice salad

This truly is an invention borne out of my overstocked refrigerator..Minimal in quantity, my chickpeas (chole), and cottage cheese (paneer) lay untouched ,to be used as a dressing or topping perhaps in some exotic dish..That was the only way i could have used them since the amount of quantity was not enough to showcase a dish of its own .

A topping could be the only way to show of its flavor  and existence is what i thought until i came across the little amount of brown rice leftovers..  I had no intention of cooking up an entire meal that night.Also i have been going a little light on food since the last few days,especialy when , while i bumped into one of my collegues, actually my teacher(from my fashion designing class), who met me almost after a year at a shopping mall and was surprised to see me me put on a little amount of weight..Well, for decades i have had the luck u call it or metabolism that i managed to honour the petite figure.However, i guess with age things do change and my chance meeting with monica made me realize maybe i am not eating healthy or, i should curb on my unhealthy food..Hence am earnest effort to go light on my dinner off late..

So going by my strategy of eating light and healthy, chole(chickpeas) and paneer(cottage cheese) seemed perfect as a nutritious salad.However, rice has been my weakness always,and even a spoonful of rice does wonders to my cravings..Hence i thought of a way of mixing the rice with this salad.

Just to give a twist or a taste to the salad, i mixed in some sauces and stir fried the veggies, and a salad mixed with rice showed its resplendent appeal.

Paneer(Cottage Cheese)- 50 gms
Chole(chick peas)- 1 cup boiled
Capsicum- 1 small chopped lengthwise and stir fried
Onion- 1 small chopped or sliced
Carrots-1 chooped and boiled
Worchester sauce-1 tsp
tomato ketchup1 tsp
black pepper- 1/2 tsp
garlic- few
brown rice-1/2 cup
salt- to taste
olive oil- 1 tsp

In a deep pan, add little olive oil and drop the garlic cloves and onions. Fry and add the capsicum and boiled carrots. Let the capsicum soften a bit and add the boiled chole ,paneer and rice. Mix in the sauces,  salt and give it a good stir for a few secs.Switch off the pan and serve.

The undertone of rice in this salad make sit magical, the pleasure of having rice in a salad brings out the distinct taste of the brown rice..Not liked by many on regular meals, it goes well in terms of a salad.While its thickness makes it apt to go into a salad with its chewy texture that compliments the almost raw veggies so well.A little tangy in taste coz of the Worcester sauce, this brings alive the unique taste.Tangy and spicy, a mix between Oriental and mexican, soak in the divine pleasure of small yummy morsels..A perfect finish to a light dinner.

You could add in a mix of cabbage and apples by the side to finish it off

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