Lemon Coriander Brown Rice Soup

Lemon coriander and brown rice soup

Happy Durga Puja to everyone..I love these 4 days really, so much fun ,and the food in display across the pandals ,that typifies bengali food, and specifically fast food like chops, cutlets, rolls ,kosha mangsho, luci and aloo dum, misti doi ,rasgollas are just divine..The religious “bhog” that comprises of piping hot khichiri at the pandals are a treat ,really in true sense. While I should have complimented my post today with recipe from typical bangeli cuisine, unfortunately I didnt have the time to cook up anything since I have been out visiting the Puja Pandals across the city and eating out mostly.For me its actually a break from everything,be it work or even regular cooking..With such festivities, you just end up eating out during these days.

So what i have today is a post that lay in my draft folder for long  and I am honestly excited to share with you this recipe..An  unique recipe of a soup that is; a rather different  treatment given to to a clear veg soup. Brown rice in a soup to be precise..Isnt that interesting??

Lemon Coriander Brown Rice Soup

The origins lay in my desire to make a light and easy one meal dinner one particular night. Well, invention born out of laziness or should i say prolific creativity ?
Whatever it is, one pot meal wonder created with rice and veggies..Perfect for a light meal.
And brown rice with its hard and chewy texture and the amount of cooking time that it takes is so perfect for this soup..It boils with the soup and the veggies and comes out perfect in terms of texture, a little hard and chewy,the soup brings out its flavor so well..This incredible result wouldnt be  possible  with white rice ..The brown rice compliments the veggies well and is almost has its own individuality and  a personality to show off.

Brown rice- 1/4th cup
Cabbage-1/4th cup
capsicum-1 chopped
french beans- 4-5
coriander leaves- half a bunch
parseley- few
salt-as per taste
oil-1/2 tsp
green chillies- 1 chopped
black pepper- 1/2 tsp
Worcester sauce- 1 tsp
tomato sauce-1/2 tsp
black pepper sauce-1/2 tsp

garlic- few chopped
ginger juveniles- few



  • Take  a deep pan and spoon in the garlic.If using chilies, you can drop them too.
  • Now add all the veggies including onion and stir fry just for a minute or so..
  • Add the rice,coriander and parsley leaves, stir and add the sauces. Fry for a few secs and add two cups of water or as you desire the quantity of soup.Close the lid of the pan and cook it on slow flame until the soup is done.If using the pressure cooker, close the lid and put the cooker on low flame after one whistle.
  • Open the lid once done and garnish with with juice, extra coriander leaves and ginger juveniles.

Amazingly simple, with a rustic touch, the brown rice brings in a magical charm to this dish, with the exotic flavors of the coriander and parsely. The mix of the rice and the veggies with a soupy texture complimented by the aromatic flavors of the sauces and herbs is all so inviting..It has the capacity to satiate  your taste buds in excess..A twisted taste with aromatic flavors..Am sure it will not fail to impress you..And like all soups, you have the freedom to change the taste of the soup as you like with a variety of spice that you might want to use.However leaving it simple brings out the natural flavors of the veggies and the rice ,so my suggestion is to keep it simple with minimal spices.The coriander and lime combo anyways is extraordinary .

As for me, i enjoy this soup with side servings of some grilled veggies or some salads to make it a wholesome meal..You can make your own invention too..may be some grilled meat ????

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