Atta Laddus(Wheatflour savouries)

Years back, as a child, born into a rice
eating culture, I never envisaged rotis to be made at home, while they were to
be relished only at restaurants, for the tedious part of its being made, so
forget inventing Atta (wheatflour) laddus ( )…What are they?
But,it was few years back at a fashion house that I worked for, that I tasted my first bite of these luscious, sweet delicious,
filled with so much Indianess ,as the aroma of the sensual ghee( ) inundated my
senses.. It was my colleague, or perhaps my senior(don’t remember clearly),who had
brought loads of these laddus from his holiday back home, precisely from Rajasthan is what I clearly recount…
I was stunned..Laddus made of Atta (wheatflour)??That
too such amazing to the taste buds??Soon I learned how to make them..Extremely
easy in terms of procedure, although the right amount of the mix of ghee, sugar
syrup is the trick to the right laddus..
You know in India, most of these Indian sweets
are associated with festivals ,so are these savories, however they are so easy
that you could just about make them anytime like I do.Also since these sweets
do not fall into the indeminable list of sweets which appear in the kitchen
during festivals( sweets from my culture are somewhat different,but amazingly
awesome), I tend to make them as and when I can and esp for my nieces who
simply love to devour them.
The consistency of the sugar and ghee primarily
if not right can damage the whole texture of the sweets, so much so that at
times it can be rock hard, enough to break a weak denture like mine or so soft that its impossible to form and shape into balls!!! I have
failed many a times. But not today, My recipe below is perfect I guess for  soft mosrels of yummy laddus.
But I have a twist here. While most laddus are
made of sugar , I have added jaggery to add to the taste..
Wheat Flour(Atta)- 1 cup
Sugar- ½ cup powdered( you could add more as
well, I used less since I didn’t want them to be very sweet).Ideally 1/3rd
cup should be ideal
Jaggery- ¼ th cup mixed in little warm water(you
could re
duce the sugar  and increase the quantity of jaggery as well)
Cardamom- 1 or 2 crushed
1/4 cup almond /cashew powder(optional)
Ghee-1/2 cup
Actually jaggery is optional, however I like my
laddus with a blend of sugar and jaggery..You can avoid it if you wish
In a large pan or kadhai, add ghee and let it
melt.Now roast the atta on medium heat  til it becomes slightly brown and the raw
smell disappears and is replaced by an wonderful  aroma you get a roasted appearance.This is the
most taxing part and requires patience but the results are rewarding
Add cardamom, cashew or almond powder as you
wish and  turn off the heat .Take the
atta out of the kadhai and let it cool for a few minutes
Now add the powdered sugar and jaggery to the
wheatflour(Atta)  and mix well.Roll and
shape  them into round laddus. You could
use extra ghee if required to bind the laddus.
Garnish with raisins or cashews as you wish
Extremely delicious with a wonderful aroma of the
roasted ghee mixed wheatflour , the sweetness of the sugar gives these
laddus a luxurious taste.The aroma, texture, flavour all so perfect that it seems
too hard to be true that these are just sweet savories made from pure
wheatflour..For me I prefer them over the besan(gramflour) laddus.


Try them is what I can suggest, since there is
no other way to relish and enjoy their flair..They wont fail you for sure

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