Fish Tacos


Finally I made good use of my taco shells..They had been lying untouched for days now since I had a specific recipe in mind and wanted to use them for the same. Tacos with basa fish fillets is what I finally made with a beutiful dressing of mayo and tarter sauce..Absolutely colorful and delightful.

Basa as a fish is way too soft and needs no rustic treatment and is not temperemental in terms of behaviour, hence its really easy and fast to just cook up a basa fillet either , stir fry, batter fry or just steamed..
Thats why i choose basa to compliment my tacos, along with some wonderful gloriusly colorful veggies engulfed in a beutiufl dressing..Wht this does is that it satiates you completely with the goodness of the fih and the veggies..Fulfilling totally.

And yes, if you want a fancier take on this tacos, you could add wine to the fish batter..Its just creates that extra jing .

Taco shells- 2 to 3
Basa fillets-3to 4 peices steamed
Cabbage shredded- half of a small cabbage
Curd- 1/2 cup
Mayonyse-1/2 cup
Tarter sauce- 1/2 cup
Red bell pepper- 1
green capsicum-1
onion- 1
Olive oil-1 tbsp

For the batter:
1 cup water
4 tbsp flour
1 tsp soda
mixed herbs


  • Make a batter of the flour water, soda, and the mixed herbs. Dip the steamed fillets and deep fry them until crisp and  golden brown.Keep aside


  • To make Curd-mayo white sauce- In a medium bowl mix the curd and mayo to make a runny sauce like consistency.You could add in mixed herbs here as well along with few drops of lime


  • Stir fry the red and green capsicum and onions in olive oil and salt.Keep aside


  • Place th taco shells on a plate, place a fillet and the cabbage, followed by the onions, green and red capsicum.Top with the curd- mayo white sauce, and tarter sauce by the side.

Incredibly stupendus in color, decor and taste, these are great to savour with your glass of wine or any other drink..Since i used a heavy filliing of mostly salads and a thick dressing, its does wonders to your cravings .Fish, salad and tacos, all in one plate, it blends beutifully to arrive at a claasic melange of a helathy salad and tacos with a beutiful topping of fish fillets…The red and yellow bell peppers adds to the color complimened by the cabbage..while two dips work out wonderfully atop like a runny sauce taking in the flavours of the veggies gloriously.

These are  my favourite tacos , beautiful colorful and flavorful..Visually appealing , they dont need much convincing to earn one’s indulgance..


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