Red Kidney beans and roasted mushrooms salad(Rajma Salad)-Version 1 ,Indian way

Light and easy, fuss free,no calories with all the essential nutrients intact is what salads are known for.However they can very often be your complete comforting  meal in itself.At least that how i like salads, not as a side dish but as a whole meal ..And letuce or garden veggies are not a full meal for kidney beans with rice and even meats, veggies and  rice is a great salad for me. And this is what i have to bring to the table today..

So then,  this is not a side dish in the name of a salad that can go with your meal, especially for Indians.Kidney beans(or rajma as they are called) can never be your side dish of a salad,it in general  is a dish that features in your maincourse entree which is a glorious combination with white rice..many a people’s favorite in our country is what i know..therefore a salad comprising kidney beans as the base is definitely  heavy , but for all the health conscious people, this is one healthy protein- rich salad that can keep your storehouse of energy full with the right essential nutrients. This actually  is a whole comforting meal in itself that can replace your regular meal  coz its quite filling, protein enriched and is a powerhouse of essential nutrients required for a balanced body system. You dont require anything else really.

Kidney beans is incredibly versatile and spans across cultural cuisines.Indian or Mexican, kidney beans is an integral part of both cuisines, albeit cooked differently.Hence kidney beans salads can have  different dressings and flavorings to suit different cuisines, taking the local flavor.

That’s what i love about kidney beans really, that it is versatile enough to take in the flavor of any dressing and adjust to the local taste, plus its spread across cusines of the world makes it open to so many experiments.Be it a simple salad with olive oil and vinegar, or with salsa, or kidney beans with nachos or enchiladas or kidney beans kababs, kidney beans are flexible enough to feature in just about any cusine and any dish. Whatever it is, it is one of the healthiest and easiest of salad that can complement your meal and take the flavour of which ever cuisines you would like.

As for salads, there really is never any perfect recipe..You could just keep on adding stuff to arrive at a desired taste.And salad for me is just not lettuce, cucumber or fresh veggies..Its everything and anything that you like technically ..It can be a whole meal in itself like this salad.Even rice in salad works out be an amazing meal.Thats how i like my salads, healthy, colorful, light and flavourful. I add in almost about everything that i can lay my hands on..Fruits for that sweetness, nuts for crunchiness and even rice for that extra filling, considering am a rice eater.And it is a whole full meal..

So then,  it was really difficult for me to stop adding things and i had to stop before i messed around with the kidlney beans..hence i have different versions of the kidney beans salad, with myriad dressings and flavour, sometimes, its italian, sometimes mexican and the easiest by far is the indian version ..For now it is really a simple salad bringing out the plain flavour of the kidney beans in our very own “street style”..More so in a very ‘desi’ way.Since i had some mushrooms in my fridge, i thought of adding them too..Came out well, i must say

Boiled kidney beans- 1 cup
black salt- a pinch
Raw mango-1 tbsp chopped
Roadted mushrooms-4-5
chat masala-1/2 tsp
green chillies chopped-1/2 tsp
onions- 1/2 chopped
black pepper powder-1/2 tsp
promengranate seeds-2 tbsp
juice of lime-1/2
coriander and parsley leaves-few
mint powder/leaves-1/2 tspi used readymade powdered leaves)
cucumber chopped(optional)-3 tbsp
Boiled rice(optional)-2 tbsp



  • Boil the kidney beans with salt until done. Keep aside
  • In a pan or a griddle, roast the mushrooms(plz dont use oil) for a few minutes.You will see that the mushrooms will start releasing water and dry up, hnece there is really no need to add oil.It will release a beautiful burnt aroma of roasting.Keep them aside
  • In a bowl , take the kidney beans, add chopped onions, chopped cucumber,chooped raw mangoes,green chillies, chat masala, coriander, parsley and mint leaves(i used the ready made dried mint powdered leaves that you get in the local super stores), promengranage seeds, mushrooms, salt, black pepepr, raw mango and toss it well

Decorate with some tomatoes and enjoy your protein enriched salad, the Indian way.A very healthy , light and easy to dish up, this one is just the perfect meal . If you are a rice eater like me, then scoop in 2 spoonfuls of rice and you have   a complete meal in itself ..a kidney beans and a rice salad to be precise..You can just have  a soup by the side perhaps.A healthy protein filled fats, no calories but substantial, light yet delightfully filling!!!! Truly amazing..

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