Oriental fries with rum- The chinese style of potatoes

As I watch SRK on a reality show promoting his new movie, its almost mesmerizing. .for me he is my favorite Bollywood always. Watching him makes me stop everything else that I am doing.. its like watching a  movie nonstop with hot popcorns and French fries. Such a captive effect… So then it is my  fries with a tangling rum infused oriental sauce, that sits in my hand as i enjoy this reality show munching them enjoying SRK swooning his audience with his charm.

A combination of fries and Asian food…. I love both..and what a combo..As i was experimenting with some sauces one day,this is what came out finally from my kitchen. A similar dish is kung pao potatoes but with roasted peanuts and a specific shwezan sauce.Politically incorrect to compare it but still it is an off shoot of the kung pao style,or rather a savory untried take of that style with chinese ingredients and the infusion of rum

Like all Chinese food,the dish is extremely simple as well, the highlighting factor is the blend of the rich kind of sauces to toss the potatoes in.. And i mixed in a little rum to add to the flavor.. That elevates this simple dish to a different level altogether—intoxicating

In short ,crinkly potatoes fries with the piquancy of ginger, in a sweet and sour intoxicating sauce

Potatoes- 3 to 4 blanched/parboiled and cut like fries
soya sauce-3 tbsp.(1/4th cup)
ginger- a small inched chopped
garlic-4-5 chopped
vinegar- 1 tsp
tomato sauce- 3 tbsp.(1/4th cup)
rum- 1-2 tsp
Honey- 2-3 tbsp.
red chilli sauce- 3 tbsp.
dried red chili- 1-2 broken
Oil-1 tsp


  1. Mix all the sauces along with vinegar, the ginger and keep aside.
  2. Cut the potatoes length wise like  fries & rinse them with cold water. You can choose to blanch them in boiling water or par boil them so that they take lesser time to fry
  3. Pat dry the cut potatoes on a kitchen towel and roll them with some corn flour, salt and a few drops of soya sauce. Add cornflour to absorb the moisture and mix well.  Keep for marination for 30 minutes if required
  4. In a pan add oil and fry the potatoes until they are golden and crispy, take them out on a paper towel to drain extra oil.
  5. In a pan add a dash of oil and drop the garlic pods and red chilli. S tir fry and take off from flame
  6. Now add the the sauce mixture into the pan and put the pan back on the flame.
  7. Whisk the mixture till it forms bubbling.  Make sure there are no lumps. Now add the rum just before putting off the flame
  8. In a bowl pour the sauce over the fried potatoes until they are completely coated .It should look like a glaze on the fries. Alternatively, you could also toss the potatoes into the hot sauce just before putting off the flame.

Plz note: many of you might choose to fry the potatoes just like fries straigt into the oil once cut..I choose to parboil them initially and then cut and fry them so that they take lesser time and consumes less oil..Its your take how you want to fry them.

Decorate, serve and enjoy..warm and spicy and sweet potatoes with the tingling taste of rum..

Very oriental, typically Chinese, except the rum which gives a alcoholic taste, the potatoes soaks into this sauce  so beautifully that you will not stop eating. A sweet and a  spicy sauce coating the potatoes.And the surprise hit of the garlic and ginger as you bite in the potatoes is wonderful. More then the preparation, the dish on a visual appeal is a treat and a very professional one too.The rum gives a certain shine  to the potatoes while the red chilli gives the fiery taste. Make them as part of your house events and am sure your guests will keep wanting for more..Looks straight from your nighbourhood Chinese eatery, this will give surely give your cooking skills an applause

If Chinese sauces and style is your take then I bet this modern and contemporary combo of fries with an tingling alcoholic Asian taste will surely satisfy your taste buds.

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