Fish in sesame seeds and coconut

Looks a little green..Not the correct what my mom had to say as she peeved thru or rather inspected the dish..Coz I used coriander leaves, is what I retorted..One look at the pic and you might have the same query like my mom ,that the dish does not take the color of the black sesame seeds.That’s coz I used dhaniya(coriander) for an authentic color, chuck those coriander leaves is my suggestion. The addition is just for the flavor but takes away the color of the sesme seeds

My mom was home for lunch and I wanted to cook something that pleases her..I have heard of chicken and sesame ,but fish and sesame??But  apparently my granny used to make this dish is what mom told me when she was a was a runny thin black gravy with the fish soaking in it..Supposedly yummy to the taste buds of a person who finds sesame inviting( I don’t), it did wonders to your cravings is what mom told me..Well so then it is my granny’s recipe today..I have never made this earlier,but confidence took over my appherension with mom’s tales of my granny”s recipes and I went on to make this successfully and savour it too, a taste which in general does not resonate with me. but this time, with the fish it tasted scrumptious


sesame seeds- half cup
coriander leaves- few(you can skip if you want a rich dark black color)
cocoanut milk-2 tbsp.( or cocoanut paste).I used cocoanut milk since I did not have ready cocoanut
ginger garlc paste-1 tsp
onions-1 small chopped( or brown onion paste).
coriander cumin powder-I tsp
black pepper sauce(optional)-1 tsp
garlic pods- 4-5


  • Wash and marinate the fish in salt and turmeric powder and keep aside for some time.
  • Fry them in oil and keep them aside
  • In a blender, mix the sesame seeds, cocoanut(if using cocoanut and not cocoanut milk), coriander leaves if you wish, garlic cloves a little water and make a fine taste. Ensure that the paste is smooth.


  • In a pan, add oil, add the chopped onion or the brown onion paste, ginger garlic paste and fry for some time. Now add the seasme seeds paste and fry. If using cocoanut milk, add it now along with coriander powder and cumin powder. Adjust salt,and add water depending on the consistency of the gravy that you require. I used a little of black pepper sauce for a tangier taste. You can skip that.
  • Add the fried fish pieces into the hot gravy and let it boil for some time covered under low heat.
  • Just before you put off the flame, pour additional mustard oil on top.

Vey unique yet inviting is what it is to your palate..The cocoanut gives in the sweetness and breaks the bland tatse and the peculiar earthy  smell of the sesame..A beautiful creation ,the concoctationf o the coconut and the sesame seeds it too pleasing. Extremely thin gravy, perfect to go with your white rice ,nothing else. Just the rice and the fish gravy is all that require for a complete meal. Fresh garden vegetable salad by the side could be the only side dish ,require nothing else.

For that untried ,uninvented, new find, this definetely score high on uniqueness and not to forget the health benefits of sesame seeds as well. Most often in India, sesame seeds are used for making sweets ,however this one is truly a different take on the sesame seeds infusing a distinct and discerning  flavor to the fish.

And to sign off, I am a little biased towards this delectable deliciously delightful dish since it is a recipe that stemmed out from my Granny”s kitchen..


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