Poached Prawns in wine



Next week”s gonna be extremely hectic, with work on the proposed TVC of the new music app, the new positioning of the brand, finalisation of the print ad, will leave me with no time to even cook up a warm comforting meal.Am so sure..But am happy..Sealing on the TVC and the proposed positioning of a brand is supposed to be quite a feat for a branding professional like me..Anyways, on that note  this weekend is going to be a feast for me..I propose to cook up a few dishes so that my blog”s updated..I hate it really when days go by without an update.I am  here to write, post, share my kitchen creations, my culinary delights with you guys and I love this connect ..But office work and the travel hardly give sme time these days.nevertheless, I try on weekends to make up for all the blank page views and days that goes without update.

So prawns, chicken, brown rice mixed herbs, sweets, tacos, kali dal, egg curry, all will be a part of my weekend recipes that should feature in my blog soon.

Also,  my aunt”s returning from Las Vegas on Monday , and I will have no time to update my post for a few days i guess. So here i am , sharing my recent favourite prawns receipe, a fantastic light and easy dish.. drunken prawns to be precise.

This one is so easy that it takes no time to cook up.Light and comforting, hardly any fat or oil, its just almost cooked in water or a self created stock to give a flavour to the prawns .In fact the prawns take up the flavour of the spices and herbs in the stock so gloriously that you will be intrigued with this simplistic treatment with outstnding results that resonates with your taste pallate so deliciously. In fact a similar dish is what I savoured once in Arola,the Spanish bar at J.W.Marriot(Mumbai) .Actually J.W Marriot has tied up  with Michelin Chef Sergi Arola to bring his sublime name and bar to this country. Fantastic display of spanish dishes i must say although the ambience and decor has nothing Spanish  to speak about.I guess I  have mentioned this  back in one of my earlier posts as well. And the bartender was kind enough to nudge the chef to share the recipe with me then although i conveniently forgot. But on Arola, I must say that it a fantastic place in terms of courtesy, customer service, ambience and of course the variety of “Gin”..It is supposedly the only “Gin” Bar in the country. But never mind  my short memory sense in terms of recapping the ingredients or the process; with a little more then above knowdlege about food and varied cusines, i thought i could easily recreate this at home.So that is how this  featured as a part of my daily meals and hence in my blog..I did read up the net to figure out similar recipes but finally added my own list of herbs and spice to achieve a taste that i desired for.

On prawns, I love the poached prawns, really, poaching them brings out the sweetness of the prawns and a certain fluffiness is achieved.And it is one of the best ways to cook prawns coz apart from retaining  its fleshiness it can be created without adding any fats to the dish. To add more flavor to the dish,the poaching liquid could be varied and seasoned with your own mix of herbs.And since prawns are so versatile, they can be poached with any liquid, be it stock, or wine or broth or just water or even olive oil with spices and herbs.And the liquid can be flavoured with spices, herbs, vinegar, even juices



Garlic- 1 tbsp chopped
Olive oil/ walnut oil/canola oil- 1/2 tbsp
white wine-1 tbsp
margarine- 1/2 tbsp
coriander leaves chopped- few

For poaching the prawns

water-1  cup( you could add more if you like ,there is no exact consistency here, it depends on the amount of sauce you want in the final recipe)
garlic-1/2 tbsp
Onions/shallots-1/2 onions chopped
black peppercorns-8 to 10
olive oil/walnut oil-1/2 tsp
salt-a pinch
vinegar/lime juice-1/2 tsp

Cleaning the prawns: While you are supposed to just add the prawns to the stock after cleaning and deviening them, most often in India we see that the prawns that we buy from the local markets have a strong   smell and is hard to mellow down.So much so that sometimes the entire dish is almost unpalatable with the strong and weird  flavour of the prawns all so overbearing on the dish. The best way hence to remove them of this piquancy is to wash the prawns in salt and lime juice( half a lemon maybe).This will remove all unwanted flavours that which is unpleasent to the taste of the overall dish.


Take a soup pot and add water alongwith garlic cloves, black pepper, bay leaves, lime juice, celery , parsely, sage, rosemary, salt. Bring the liquid to a gentle simmer over low heat and add the devined prawns..Poach  the prawns until they curl up and reach an opague pink color.Once done keep them aside Do not throw the poaching liquid.You can strain the liquid  if you want a clean texture. But remember that prawns should never be put into boiling water, it will loose its flavor, so take care that the water should be hot but not boiling and should be poached under low heat.

In another pan, add olive oil  and  the chopped garlic. stir fry for just 2 sec (do not fry for long )and add  the remaining poaching liquid.Stir and add the white/red wine. Add salt,celery, chopped parsley and any other herbs of your choice and let it boil (increase the heat from low to medium)until you get the desired liquid and put off the flame.Since i had a variety of herbs in stock, i used most of them like sage, rosemary, parsley, coriander leaves.Add margarine , whisking it until it gets incorporated into the sauce.Add black pepper powder is you wish. .the idea of simmering the poaching liquid in olive oil and additional fresh herbs  is just to  intensify the flavour .You could add the prawns back in the pan now , or another way is to arrange the prawns on a plate or a bowl and drizzle the sauce on top..I was too lazy to follow this process hence, added the prawns back to the liquid just before putting it off the flame.

You scrumptious prawns are ready.Succulent and juicy, with the slight alcohol flavor of the wine blending with the olive oil, this one is so soft that its almost impossible to stop. And the poached prawns are super fleshy.

A luxurious winner and a culinary delight of gourmet cooking is what i would like to sum up with. Elegantly flavoured and mild in terms of taste. The magical bliss here is the flavour of the prawns achieved while poaching them in the flavoured stock.Sparingly fried in olive oil and garlic allows the the prawns to shine.That is the dominating flavour.The prawns takes the flavour of the stock totally and then engulfs the wine and the olive oil into it so amazingly that it creates a charm to the overall taste.Its so fleshy, sweet along with the taste of the herbs that its difficult to pen down..U need to taste  to believe..So why wait, just go and make this for your dinner tonight and feel the divine pleasure of these wonderful aromatic prawns soaked in your self created alcohol  flavoured stock ..I had a wonderful serving of brown rice mixed with herbs and tomatoes along with(recipe o follow)..You could add your own side servings as you desire..But a herb mixed brown rice or risotto would go best is my belief..

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