Spinach and mushroom curry

Mushroom Palak Masala( dry roast mushrooms in a spinach gravy)



One look at my blog”s  side bar ,and Ijust realized that all my recipes for his month are non vegetarian , except one. And before you begin to feel that a profound love exists within me for non
veg food or I am a voracious non vegetarian eater , let me  try and break that delusionary feeling and introduce you to a wonderful and extremely healthy, complete with positive nutrient vegetarian
dish. The benefits of mushrooms and spinach combined to work out a beautiful
creation that which is extremely beneficial and a nutrition superstar of a
dish in itself. A perfect reason to feature in your overall nutrition

Spinach hasn’t been in my list of favorite dishes except the ones
frequented at restaurants. And now I know why. Why is it that I like the
spinach dishes at restaurants and not most often at home? Coz, in the
restaurants there is hardly any spinach, its a mix of color and cream
engulfed gravy in the name of spinach(palak).Which is what takes away the taste
of the spinach and all you get the taste is a very regular gravy  with the
green color. How unhealthy is what we don’t realize .

Do you know that spinach offers
twice as much fiber as other greens? It tops the list of vegetables for
nutrient richness. A nutritional powerhouse , and a good source of iron and
calcium , it is loaded with vitamins and minerals, some of which are hard to find in other veggies. Similarly with mushrooms, which is a provider of essential nutrients. Many patients claim that consumption of  mushrooms can reduce heart disease and improve the immune system. This is the reason for mushrooms achieving a superfood status just cause of its extraordinary health benefits.

But cooking spinach or any dish comprising spinach is tacky, very often
difficult to camouflage the smell and if not cooked well, it turns bitter.
That is  perhaps the  reason why during  house events a spinach
dish  doesn’t not make an entrée into the list of dishes ..Why
take a risk? But this wonderful dish will ,am sure; will lead to spinach
featuring in your grocery bag more often .

Personally, I try and  use
as  much   spinach as i can  use for  all
those important nutrients required for our immune system.. Spinach
in dal, spinach with aloo(potatoes), spinach with chicken /
mutton/fish, spinach with chickpeas, spinach fried rice and amazingly
soft, tasty spinach parathas as well. Most often all you need is the spinach
puree, supplemented by varied spices depending on the kind of meat or vegetable
that goes along with, the spices complimenting the veggis /meat and letting the
spinach soak into that flavor..

Spinach is versatile that’s why really, while camouflaging might be an
ardous or  a tedious task, but once championed the art, then its just the
way of dressing up the puree to the taste of the spices, and it can take
different forms really, that it gloriously blends into the veggie and the
spices that goes with it.fr eg, while the palak aloo(potatoes)  and
paneer palak(cottage cheese and spinach) uses the same puree, yet
both the gravys taste different. And this is not coz of the different
ingredients used, but the different way tat the puree is dressed by the varied
spices. while palak(spinach) paneer(cottage cheese) is sweet, I make palak aloo a little spicy and
tangier .he mushroom palak, which features in my blog today again is not that
sweet for it to match up to the taste of mushrooms, yet has an amazingly
beautiful texture .


spinach leaves(palak)- 1 bunch

Mushrooms- 300 gms

milk- 1/4 cup

cream-  2 tbsp.( or more if you want it a little heavier and rich)

tomatoes- 1/2 of a tomato or 3 tbsp. tomato puree

onion- 1 small

coriander leaves- 1/4th cup

salt- as required

Everest tawa fry masala/amchoor powder(dry mango powder)- 1 tsp

coriander powder- 1 1/2tsp

cumin powder- 1/2 tsp

kasuri methi- 1 tsp(optional)

carrot- 1

garam masala powder- 1/2 tsp

tomato sauce- 1 tbsp.

ginger-1/2 an inch


cinnamon-1 stick


cumin seeds-1/2 tsp


Use a large pot and bring water to a rapid boil. Wash the palak(spinach)
leaves and add them in the boiling water along with one carrot for 3-4
minutes .Addition of the carrot brings out a sweeter taste from the spinach
leaves.  Do not cover the pot when cooking spinach. Leaving the pot
uncovered helps to release more of the acids with the rising steam. Once done ,
remove spinach from the pot, press out the liquid and let it cool. Blend in
a blender with coriander leaves, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, cardamom and
make a puree along with the carrot.

In  a separate pan, add the cut and cleaned mushrooms and let the water
dry up. Mushrooms release a lot of water, hence you don’t need any oil here. Its
almost dry roasting them. Once you add the mushrooms, they will start releasing
water. Add a bit of asafodia and coriander powder along with salt and let the
water dry up. Stir fry for a while and remove from the pan.

In the same pan, add oil and the onion and tomatoes along with the ginger
paste. Fry for a while and puree this in the blender. You can choose to
not puree and add the palak puree in the pan and mix with the tomato onion
paste. . Its your choice really. I chose to puree the onion tomato mixture.

In another pan  add additional oil, add cumin seeds and add back the
onion- tomato paste .Fry ,and add coriander powder, cumin powder, tawa fry
masala(u can skip if you wish ). Now add the spinach puree and stir .Add milk
and keep stirring. Add a bit of tomato sauce if you want a sweeter taste. You can
avoid it too if you wish. Now add the mushrooms, add garam masala powder
and fry for a minute. If you are using amchoor powder instead of tawa fry
masala, you can add it now. Add a dash of cream and mix it well and switch off
the flame. I added 1 tsp of  additional dried kasuri methi as well.

Sweet button mushrooms soaked in a warm beautiful green condiment of spinach
leaves with all those positive nutrients …that which gloriously defines or
connotes the name of this recipe with its look, blend of ingredients working out
incredibly to lend an exotic taste and texture to this dish. Warm luxurious palak
with that dash of cream and the beautiful mushrooms soaking in slightly gives
that sweet delightful taste. The tanginess of the tawa fry masala/aamchur powder
cuts the bitterness of the palak and adds a flavor that compliments
the mushrooms so well. The milk and the cream lends the dish a richness
and catapults  it to a higher level, to a healthy nutritious
luxurious dish which is something that you would perhaps not find in
restaurants. So why not soak in this all so nutritious dish? Positive nutrients
bountiful, this is one dish that is easy, fast yet excellent as a main course
entrée to be served with tandoori rotis, laccha parathas, rumali roties or your
phulkas…Plain dal as a second compliment would just make it so complete. Ahh
the goodness of the spinach..oddles of health benefits.. Who would not want to
savor this??

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