Beetroot raita(beetroot yoghurt dip)


This one is for all the guys unaware of a beetroot delight( like me, absolutely detest beetroot), a creation that is absolutely stark in comparison to the boring tasteless vegetable .An outstanding transformation ;this raita (or yoghurt dip for my international readers) is truly magical in terms of the delight offering that lies beneath the façade of a very plain and boring beetroot, that which is not a likable or a favorite veggie for many am sure. Indulge in a spoonful ,and guaranteed assurance of this being your favorite raita is what I claim.

Irrespective of being known for its high nutritional value, packed with vitamin c,b6 and folic acid,  I often wonder while in the grocery markets that who buys beetroot ? I mean how often have you seen a beetroot recipe either in your house events or at restaurants? Except salads where you might see tiny square boiled or steamed pieces of beet root, how often have you eaten beet root or how often does it feature in your regular daily meals?

Amazing, but truly, I never could think that a vegetable that I never liked or rather despise , could turn out such a delectable fare of yummy morsels.. No raw smell, or uncomfort in the taste, the beetroot completely soaks in the curd and takes on a glorious sweet and salty taste ,absolutely lip-smacking to go with your meal. Not to forget the health benefits of the curd and the beetroot. And as the beetroot soaks in the curd, its so fascinating to see the curd developing a pink hue due to the beetroot bleeding and shedding its color. After a while it completely adorns a dark pink color which is so beautiful.

As for raita, it is basically an Indian curd based condiment mixed with different vegetables and could be sweet ,savory or salty. It can be served as a side dish or sauce or dip to go with a light meal or even with your flat breads, kebabs, cutlets. It makes a wonderful accompaniment with grilled meat, fish.and is mostly served chilled. It mostly falls under the category of salads.

Endlessly versatile it can be made in myriad ways, depending on the taste preferences of the regions of the country. While the south indian style might use curry leaves as tempering, you may choose to avoid it as well.

However ,most often the beet raita is made of boiled grated beetroot mixed in yoghurt and tempered with the spices of your liking..I choose to make it slightly differently .The reason? I believe the boiled process while is common ground yet is a little bland, hence I have used a method which requires the beet to be sparingly fried until the raw smell disappears and mixed and then mixed with the curd .Tastes better is my belief.


curd: 1 cup if you want a liquidish form or 1/2 cup if you desire for a thick dip.I used a little less then 1/2 coz the beetroot was small.
sugar-as per taste(I used 1 tsp)
salt-a pinch
curry leaves:few(optional).I haven’t used here, since I wanted a taste which is contemporary,and not mix with the taste of the curry leaves.
mustard seeds:1/2 tsp
methi (fenugreek) seeds-1/4th tsp
red dry chilli:1
coriander powder: 1/2 tsp
cumin powder:1/2 tsp

Plz note the Raita will thicken after sometime when the beetroot absorbs the curd into it, so take your amount of curd accordingly. I used about half a cup blended smoothly .


  • In a bowl, take curd ,mix in sugar and salt to get the desired sweetness and blend until smooth. You could add a pinch of roasted cumin and red chilli powder. Keep aside
  • Grate the beetroot.
  •  Now in a pan, add oil/ghee and add the red chilli, mustard seeds, methi seeds  ,curry leaves if using(I haven’t use since I did not want the taste of the curry leaves and desired for a more contemporary taste )and add the grated beetroot. Fry until the raw smell disappears and add the coriander and cumin powder and add salt to adjust. Fry till it becomes soft but not too dry.
  • Remove from the pan and add to the curd mixture.

Absolutely delicious, this is your perfect dip ,a nutritional one too ,to go with your meal, either as side serving or as a dip with your favorite starters. For us Indians, we enjoy it with our rotis, rice and veggies.For the global audience, this could be your newly invented yoghurt dip to relish with your pitas, flat breads, grilled meat and fish or kebabs and cutlets. Am sure it will not fail to satiate your cravings for that dish that was deliciously unknown until now. So soak into this beautiful looking pink,beetroot dip and feel the sweetness of the yoghurt that takes the color of the beetroot so gloriously, and not to forget the nutritional wonders that it lends to your system!!A storefull of essential vitamins intact,a nutrition superstar in itself.

So then, eat healthy, stay healthy.In ” pink”  health to be precise!


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